April 20, 2009

Fort Irwin and The Rockpile

This is the writen words of W.Self 1981: it describes the The Rockpile:

The Rockpile:

How many have been to this "Desert Retreat" To Train, as they sweat and curse the heat? How many have come to play the war games does anyone know, is there a record of names? How many units throughout history long before this NTC (National Training
Center) Have Braved the sun. the wind, the sand, and all the rigors a soldiers must stand. So many have come and gone on their way from the time of Patton to the present day/ With Honor they fought some died to preserve the country they solemnly vowed they would serve.

And so, let's take the time to praise that unit who came in long past days to train to fight, but on a lark established a tradition by leaving it's mark.

Through years have erased their memory there still remains for all to see a mute, but living testament to those who've passed Fort Irwin through.
The Rockpile stands in glorious hues. May the memory of each fighting unit infuse, each soldier with pride that this legacy will be carried on by
the NTC. (National Training Center)

W.Self, 1981