July 13, 2009

Author Jane Alison

Author Jane Alison Reviewed by the New York Times: The cover photograph and inside book jacket photos were shot on Miami Beach.

The Book is titled "The Sisters Antipodes"

Here is the book review as posted from the New York Times.


My Father, Your Father


Published: March 26, 2009

Imagine four little girls — Jane and Maggy Cummins, Jenny and Patricia Stuart, two pairs of sisters, each pair of approximately the same age — who are deeply bonded to one another, all the more so because their smart, glamorous mothers and fathers are the closest of friends. In fact, the Americans Paul and Helen Stuart and the Australians Edward and Rosemary Cummins (both men are foreign service officers) become so inseparable that within a few months they trade partners. Jenny and Patricia’s father, Paul, becomes Maggy and Jane’s stepfather — and their father, Edward, moves in with Jenny and Patricia and their mother.

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Jane Alison


By Jane Alison

By 277 pp. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. $23

Jane Cummins (now Jane Alison), the author of “The Sisters Antipodes,” tells us that the “split,” as she bluntly calls these ­rearrangements, left the four girls in shock — a “numb shock like a crack inside a stone . . . silently fissuring.” “We formed ourselves around the primary facts of the split,” she explains, adding that within each girl lay “a mass of fantasy, jealousy and longing that was crucial and would define us.”