August 15, 2009

The Last job in Montana before heading back to NYC ""The Fairmont Hot Springs Resort""

The past month I have had the pleasure of working with a few hotels and resorts in Montana. I have been extremly busy and today sitting in a cabin in Cody, Wyoming I am now able to go through the countless images from the past month. Driving throughout the states and logging in over 10,000 miles I find myself wondering if I can ever catch up.

So, sitting here in my cabin watching the clouds pass and rain pouring over me it is only now that I can showcase a few images from this week. Fairmont Hot Springs is one of the most unique hot springs resort that I have had the pleasure of working with.
Two Olympic-sized pools bubbling with the purest mineral springs running into two other smaller and hotter pools of natural water. Outside in the 50 degree air sitting on top of the springs lies a 350 foot water slide that shoots you down and out into the belly of the larger of all the minaral pools at a speed of 20 miles per hours..

Fairmont Hot Springs has had some of the most breath taking views that I have ever come across and the people are some of the friendliest people that I have ever worked with... forget southern hospitality, forget the large crowds in other cities, here in the middle of the state remains one of the true gems of the pacific northwest.. Follow me around the Fairmont Hot Springs from the spacious suites, the gourmet foods the ever abundant hot water, where I have just left and I have already started counting the days until I return in winter for a second shoot...

More jobs to come and the people that we've met in livingston working for the Best Western, working for The Broadway Hotel in Philipsburg and stories about the local sheriff, banker, the half-dead motorcycle riding bartender and getting gwendolyzed, and not to mention an indian named 'Many Horses' aka Mouse that we had the pleasure of taking a two-hour horse ride in and over the reservation in East Glacier National Park in Montana. I promise in the next couple of days I'll be updating not only images but a lot of fantastic stories that have come down the pipeline using the words of others and backing it up with images that I've had the opportunity to capture. Until then, hang on cus this ride is gonna be long, hard and very funny.