August 14, 2013

The blog, My blog the return after a few weeks of island hoping, state jumping my return to South Florida has been a ride! ¬

Trying to find time to play catch up, follow up and maintain a online and off line social presence    while going through images, emails, phone messages and contracts for up coming assignments has been harder then a juggler, juggling chainsaws on top of ship in the in the great baring sea during an ice storm~

Nah that is just fluff it just takes good time management~ It is life and it is my life and it is exactly how I like it~ No sleep, lots of coffee going through images as I am shooting it live again right before my eyes.

    (Get off the bus & see the world~ De Palm Tours Aruba )

As I am going through images of Aruba I find myself squinting as I remember being perched on the bow of the yacht sailing over the white caps of Caribbean waters shooting this amazing port when we ran into a wave head on cutting right through it instead of on top of it…  The wave hit my face. It felt like someone was holding my eyelids open while sucking down gallons of seawater and being soaked from head to toe. The stinging in my eyes I was sliding, I was falling I was...

 (We are not sheep we are zebras)

I was searching for the railing with my hand, my camera was in my other hand, I almost fell off the freaking yacht, with or with out my camera, I don’t even remember smacking myself in the head with it, it happened that fast and that quick. I heard the captain in the background laughing at me as I rubbed the welt with my hand.  I love returning home just so I am able to digest all the stories, digest all the moments that lead me here, in front of my computer immersed and lost in images and smiling as the memories come floating in one after another~

Well that brings me back, back to sitting here at 10:19 PM as I am going through my recent images. Have a great night as mine has just begun, and the coffee is starting to brew…….

Cheers you my friends for making life so special~

(After a long day on the yacht it was good to get off of it and on to the beach~ With Capt. Freeman)

And Yes I know that these images have nothing to do with what I wrote... but that is the point, it made you close your eyes it made you think about what it felt like......... Because again it is all about IMAGES..........................GO~ SEE~ DO~