April 27, 2013

Nothing is more pleasurable after a good meal than...... Chocolate cake! ~Bon App├ętit

I mean a thick slice of fresh chocolate cake! A 5'' inch high slice of cake, a fat thick 5 inch layered slice of chocolate cake topped off with chocolate flakes.

                                         Enter the star of this shoot:  BindiUSA Desserts!

                                                 Next up was the Red Velvet cake:

Heaven's and the powers that be managed to fill up two (2) refrigerators with there new selections for the Summer of 2013....  All I can say is stay away if you have a problem with sweets, stay away if you have no control.  I spent 12 hours working with chef Michael Giletto * (my food stylist on and great friend) where he had to re-create the most perfect cuts of cake, making sure that every morsel of the chocolate flakes were perfectly laid out, double checking that each and every pistachio nut or sugar was positioned correctly to balance out our feature cover image while our client eagerly watched as we worked on each aspect of sets to get what we all needed. 

To be drooling from the lip, deciding in our minds where to cut the chocolate cake and how large of a slice we want…. Some of the images are posted here and others can be viewed at: 

http://bindiusa.com/home.asp As of today the images are live on the Bindi USA ( Desserts ) website

The Cover for Bindi Desserts Summer edition 2013-2014 


Pistachio Cheesecake: A creamy pistachio cheesecake with pistachio pieces, topped with a light pistachio mousse and sprinkled with pistachios, on a cookie crumb base.

Many thanks to BindiUSA,
Chef Michael Giletto food Stylist,
Rhiana Hritz Art Director (http://www.rhiana.com), 
Studio space provided by Taina A Studio 


~ fino alla sucesiva~

April 24, 2013

Gluttony at it's best: Behind the Curtain at the South Beach Food and Wine Festival Miami Beach

~ Behind the Curtain at the South Beach Food and Wine Festival~

The movers and shakers, the powers that be and me... Inside all the chefs where still prepping, still organizing, up until the final seconds...Then the first of the doors opened then 4 doors opened, then 8 doors opened in the middle resessed in the ceter of the grand ballroom was the softest voice that greeted everyone joining in with a welcomed sound of a piano playing in the back round..

The mood was set by the pianist as he stroked the keys lightly enough to complement mood and low enough to hear bottles popping and chinging of glass's coming together. As freely as the wine flowed the aroma of sweet and savory, spice and citrus quickly took over the air ... This is South Beach Food and Wine Event Best of the Best at Fontainebleau hotel. 

This is where 47 of the nation's best chef's presented a tasters menu of the finest foods. .

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, Chef Anita Lo, Chef Anne Burell, Chef Nubo Matsuhisa, Chef, Aaron Brooks, Chef, Francios Payard, Chef Geoffrey Zakarian, Chaf Guy Fieri, Chef Heddy Goldsmith. Chef Johnny Iuzzini, Chef Todd Erickson, Chef Marc Forgione, Chef Marc Murphy, Chef Michael Mina, Chef Norman Van Aken, Chef, Pascal Oudin, Chef Scott Conart, Chef Sunny Anderson, Chef Daniel Boulud, Chefs Art Smith, Chef Lorena Garcia, Chef Andrew Carmellini, Chef Duff Goldman, Chef Andrew Zimmern,Chef Timon Balloo, Lee Schrager, and many other food network icons.

The Big G

gay Social
Best of the Best at Fontainebleau hotel

Then there was the grand tent and major parties, food throw downs, and lots and lots of Food events.Then there were the after parties.. of which I can't show images, because I was asked to leave my camera's behind and allowed to enterbehind curtain.........