March 26, 2010

Flipping through Spa Finder Magazine~ Le Méridien Cancun Resort and Spa

Rain in the morning is never good when walking my dog Pretta..She is a mess......I forgot to grab a bag or a newspaper to ummmmm you know clean up after my dog! So i figured I would check in my mail area but nothing.. I open my mail box and a few magazines are in there.. So I grab one and head out in the rain... the dogs business is done and I rip off the cover and a few pages... And I notice that I am using Spa Finder magazine and the open page just happens to be one of my images from Le Meridien Cancun of there amazing pools...The rain continues ..... So the dilemma is do I ... Clean up after dog and save the magazine ..... or not.....

Well I did clean up after the dog, by using one of my client's competitors ad lol...

March 22, 2010

~ Live~ Love ~ Life~ Erin and more Erin

Erin.... Miami-NYC-Montana-Wyoming-Antigua..... Throughout the past 2 years this face these eyes, this voice has been the axis of my changing ways and the reason for my growth. She has showed me- she has changed me so much that now whether I am working or alone or when we are together I am a better person who has brought me out of the black and into the light!

I share that lightness with you!