April 28, 2011

After Eating & Drinking to much I found myself at the chapel…

Drinking and eating are a must! Going to the chapel is not for everyone but in this case I made an exception only because it was The Precious Moments wedding chapel in Carthage Missouri.

Just a few birds otherwise complete silence while walking down the path leading up to the chapel. In tight formation were a few dozen angel statues with trumpets that I could honestly hear the music from all 28 horns clearly in my head walking past each statue there horns bellowing with hymns in different pitches.

The path ended at 2 huge hand carved wood doors. The cool air passed over my body and warm as my hand took hold of the over-sized handle.

And I entered the next thing I remember is I found myself lying on my back dead center in the middle of the chapel on my back

What I was left with was… Beginning to begin a new beginning! At the beginning in NYC! Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself!