December 30, 2015

Goodbye 2015 ~ Wondering , no strike that manifesting in 2016

To you my friends I wish you all the best~ 

Smiles and hugs wishing and celebrating the new year with all of you..  Peace, Joy and Good Times.. 


“”Wonder is the source of wisdom, wonder is the source of all life that is beautiful , and wonder is the source for the search, the real search. Wonder takes you on the adventure to the mysteries’ of life”” Osho…

A year of IPhone images well some :) ...  Already starting fresh, clean, open, ready to learn, ready to explore ready to share... ready for what comes next~ 

Everything is energy . This was a year of life and death!  This was a year that change happened this was a year that I grew into who I am now. This was a year that I found passion, found self , found friendship , found lost souls or reconnected with old with new …this is the Life that found me, “”my future””…  2015 has been smiles and rainbows its been birds and the bees its been bonfires and drum circles its been exactly the way I should be…  Its been shades of light it has been eating healthy it has been about not drinking it has been about breathing through..
This was year of pain, this was the year I found “chi”  My chi, this was a year where I learned to share my chi, to shed old habits, this was a year for love, for future for knowledge this was the year of wonder…. Yoga, Meditation, energy work, acupuncture this is just the start. Yoga Teacher training, and Shamanic teaching in Mexico and Guatemala.

This is the year I will begin the next phase of my path. Through yoga through self love through the teaching of others through the learning of others. What I learned this year on my path is simple….. Mind body and soul must be in harmony with nature. Nature is about energy  “CHI”  absorbing, shifting, connecting, grounding. Recharging  and MOST  important it is about giving back and sharing it all…

Part of my life through the lens of my IPHONE.....


October 25, 2015

Steve Levine /Steady 70 Photography recently completed his first podcast interview for CBS's Travel Bite with Rachelle Lucas~

Steve Levine speaking with Rachelle Lucas of CBS Radio Travel Bite 

Listen in everyone, because Steady70's world renowned food and  
lifestyle photographer, Steve Levine, can be heard via podcast talking  
about his travels to exotic locations throughout the year and has  
quite a few fascinating travel stories to share.

Steve recently completed his first podcast interview for CBS' Travel  
Bite with popular food and travel blogger Rachelle Lucas. The Travel  
Bite Podcast is a weekly audio program for foodies who love to travel.  
During each show, Rachelle share stories of her and her guests'  
adventures around the world.

Steve regaled Rachelle with some of his great travel tales. From  
searching for sea urchins for that evening's meal, to foraging for  
wild ingredients in Costa Rica, to a questionable fish treat in Russia  
-- he's seen and tasted it all. Steve specializes in hospitality,  
travel & food photography and is available internationally for  

His clients include multinational companies, magazines, restaurants,  
international advertising agencies and international hotel groups. His  
work appears in ads in publications such as Hyatt Magazine, Where  
Magazine, Animal Fair magazine, The Art Book of Saint Barths,  
Destinations Travel Magazine, Experience St Martin, Skin Inc., Draft,  
to name a few.

Listen in as he shares a bit of what it's like to be a professional  
food and travel photographer, meeting the great chefs of today and  
turning their culinary creations into artistic, edible fare .

Episode 19:

For all public relations and media inquiries, please contact Jennifer  
Goldberg at

Connect with Steady70 Photography/Steve Levine:
Phone: 646-241-5982

Connect with Rachelle Lucas:

Steady70 Photography Media Contact is 
Jennifer Goldberg
Public Relations & Communications Manager-Steady70 Photography

Below are a few of the photos from the stories that Steve Shared with Rachelle Lucas! 

September 22, 2015

Steady 70 photography is excited to announce that we are partnering with “Hotel Traffic Builders"

September 19th 2015

Travel is experiential and beautiful travel photos and videos are one of the very best ways to inspire people to book a vacation. In fact, a recent study suggests that social networking is one of the most powerful forces driving travel planning today – clearly showing why it’s important to ensure your web page is optimized with inspirational photos and videos.

Steady 70 photography is excited to announce that we are partnering with “Hotel Traffic Builders” to offer resort and hotel photography and video services to its client’s Hotel Traffic Builders is a full-service, hospitality marketing agency that specializes in promoting hotels, resorts and destinations online.

Steady70 Photography will offer images for incredible properties and places, images that create instant appeal, photos that evoke “I want to be there” emotions.

Hotel Traffic Builders chose Steady 70 Photography because when you watch a video or view a photo, you feel the wind in your hair, the sand between your toes, or the snow on your face!

For inquiries about how Steady70 Photography can help your company, or to schedule a photo shoot please contact Jennifer Goldberg at

Great photography of a destination makes you want to jump into the photo. Breathtaking imagery takes you there. And now with the Steady70 and Hotel Traffic Builders partnership, new hotels and destinations will be captured for all to see and ultimately visit.

August 9, 2015

Come play / Come stay @ The Aloft South Beach Video by Steady70

Come play Come stay @ The Aloft South Beach

The video below is from my recent shoot for Aloft south beach / Starwood Hotels and Resorts~ 

""Aloft Hotels in the new destination sensation with loft-inspired design and free-flowing energy. Discover a whole new travel experience""

""Aloft South Beach offers an exclusive, boutique-style setting with vibrant outdoor spaces, stylish modern amenities, and a touch of vintage glamour.""

For more information and bookings go to the following links~

 ‪#‎aloftsouthbeach‬ @starwoodhotels ‪#‎alofthotels‬ @collinsave @miamibeach@barxyz @remix#play @stayatalofthotelsouthbeach‪#‎pressforaloftsouthbeach‬@boutiquehotelsouthb‪#‎lifeinmiami‪#‎dream‬#hotelphotographersinmiami#photographerthatshootresorts#photographersthatshoothotels#sharing@travelmagazines#internationaltravelmagazine@steady70@steady70photography@steady70resorts@videoblogs@travelblogs@ishoottheworld

Aloft South Beach selected Steve Levine /Steady70 Photography to photograph and videograph the property and the amenities which included some of the suites in the newly renovated 235 loft-like rooms, the lobby and façade which was built on the foundation of the historic 1954 Ankara Motel, re:mix (Snack Bar),  WXYZSM Bar, the splash pool that offers private cabanas and the Plunge Deck Bar.

August 5, 2015

Steve Levine / Steady70 Photography: Wraps up photo shoot @ the Aloft South Beach

Steve Levine /Steady70 Photography was chosen as the official  photographer by Aloft South Beach and Starwood Hotels and Resorts to photograph the new Aloft South Beach.

”Aloft’s First Resort-Style Hotel Reinvents the Boutique Experience With Welcoming Atmosphere and Playful Environment on Miami’s South Beach”

 Aloft South Beach selected Steve Levine /Steady70 Photography to photograph the property and the amenities which included some of the suites in the newly renovated 235 loft-like rooms, the lobby and façade which was built on the foundation of the historic 1954 Ankara Motel, re:mix (Snack Bar),  WXYZSM Bar, the splash pool that offers private cabanas and the Plunge Deck Bar.

"As Miami continues to emerge as a leading international travel destination welcoming guests to a lively and exciting environment, Aloft South Beach embodies a trendy playground setting that is perfectly suited for a range of global travelers who are visiting for leisure or business," says General Manager Leslie Weil

South Beach continues to be the global epicenter of what's new, fresh and alluring in Miami and that is further exemplified as JMH Development, Madden Real Estate Ventures and Starwood Hotels & Resorts announced the official opening of Aloft South Beach at 2360 Collins Avenue on May 28.

       Aloft South Beach wraps guests in a warm and buzzing environment from the moment they enter the property by offering an array of modern amenities, intuitive technology, and playfully engaging spaces surrounding their

Aloft South Beach opened in Spring 2015, Aloft South Beach caters to modern trendsetters looking for a different kind of travel experience

       235 loft-like rooms. It also ushers in Continental Miami, an exciting new dining destination established by acclaimed restaurateur Stephen Starr. Building on the foundation of the historic 1954 Ankara Motel, the Aloft South Beach has taken great care to preserve the Art Deco-inspired architecture on the exterior while breathing fresh life into a newly constructed interior with contemporary elements. The design and furnishings were chosen to strike a balance between the hotel’s relaxed spirit, its Miami Beach location, and the structure’s historic significance. Components of the hotel that have retained their original form include the classic brick walls of the Historic Wing, refurbished Ankara Motel signage and the pool shape. Inside, modern design takes center stage as a translucent staircase welcomes guests into the thriving two- story atrium with custom leather wrapping and a striking light fixture inspired by drum cymbals.  

On the main floor, the re:mix features a custom chandelier by Yellow Goat Design made of 1,000 colored acrylic lighting rods descending from the ceiling.  SM lounge – home to the brand’s signature Live at Aloft Hotels on-going live music series and creative craft cocktails – is a hub for guests and locals to mingle over drinks or a  game of pool, and connects to W XYZSM Bar. An onsite herb garden yields refreshing garden-to-glass cocktail ingredients for the creations coming from the bar. W XYZSM seamlessly transitions to the outside deck by way of a 36 foot sliding glass wall, where the splash pool offers private cabanas nestled between the pool and the lake. For guests’ convenience, solar-powered charging stations are available outside to revive guests’ favorite tech gadgets.  Looking up from the pool area to the third level is the hotel’s Plunge deck, outfitted with daybeds under a canopy of Strawberry Guava trees and a four-sided infinity edge water feature serving as a visually intriguing design element. At the Plunge Deck Bar, a variety of games including bocce, oversized tic-tac-toe, beanbag toss and a large dice game tying into hotel offerings will all keep guests entertained on the outdoor deck.

On Collins Avenue, Aloft South Beach’s Continental Miami restaurant continues the culinary tradition that has earned Stephen Starr prestigious accolades from bon appetit and Zagat as “Restaurateur of the Year.” The restaurant features a menu of continental classics and Asian specialties created from fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. Adjacent to both the pool deck and lake, a waterfront deck with enclave seating offers an inviting space for outdoor dining. Continental Miami is easily accessible for early birds and night owls opening at 7 a.m. and closing at 2 a.m. For snacks on the go, the nearby re:fuelSM café invites guests to enjoy Nespresso coffee, OnJuice pressed juices, kale chips and other grab & go choices while the WXYZSM Bar offers small bites for patrons of the bar.

Opening rates begin at $229 per night. For more information about Aloft South Beach, visit,, email or call 1-877-GO-ALOFT.

A special shout out to the team at Aloft South Beach – Claudia Passamonti, Leslie Weil and the rest of the Aloft South Beach team that made this photo shoot successful.

Aloft South Beach Social Media:

"I drift like a cloud, Across these venerable eastern lands, A journey of unfathomable distances, An endless scroll of experiences" Tom Carter, China: Portrait of a People

May 27, 2015

Awakened in the Philippines

What you share with others is entirely up to you or your energy which dictate’s fate without an understanding.    The process of what has happened in my life has taken on a new   meaning.  Somewhere between understanding life and not understanding life is where the Philippines left me questing my past, my future but more importantly it opened me up to the now.  The Present! What life delivered was / is beautiful and overwhelming at the same time 

Somewhere within that void of being overwhelmed in that space, that any questions or doubts that I have/ or had that everything is going to be fine in fact it is going to be great. It is that change that has allowed me to  find peace with in and express it outward.

This was a journey of  “CHANGE” Everything new changes you. With the Philippines every moment was always my first, The first morning in a strange bed, the first breath of Manila’s air, first time I noticed all the high-rise buildings, first time I crossed a road, first time I went to the grocery store, first time I went to the farmers market, first time I took a taxi, first time I said good morning in a Tagalog , first time I found  my way back to my apartment, first time I woke up to greet the sunrise, first time that I tasted a certain type of food, first time I ever rode on tricycle, first time I  swam in the ocean under the stars. The list of “firsts” never ended and I could keep going on all topics. Then there are were a few special people that I met, the few people the truly changed me, the few people that later became my old new friend, the select few people that became my extended family, those are the types of people that I can never understand how they just appeared or how I just appeared in front of them  ~

Some of these moments were caught with my camera some of these first’s or once chance crossing or transferring of energy to one another after a slight touch or tap on the arm or a hand shake or just a nod of the head or a lengthy conversation that exchange could never be caught with my camera.  Where no image, where no words, where every detail about that time is still etched in my thoughts. I can still feel the release of air as some of these conversations began to take root and touch my skin as the words enter my ears. I learned so much.   I have repeatedly used this term  “”more time”” many of you have heard me say this many times. Some of you have begun to use this term “More Time” it is powerful it is that term that makes each moment even more unique even more special it defines how important it is to truly open up and be in the moment. To absorb as much as you can and give back as much as you can. I believe that even more now after I was rocked in Thailand I was smacked in the face in Cambodia and now I have been given this amazing understanding of the present from The Philippine’s.  I say again it in English  “Thank you” in Tagalog “ Salamat “ in Thai “Khob- Kun-Ka “ in Cambodian ”Akun”  for gving me this time… and hopefully  “More Time”~