January 29, 2013

Steady70 joins Chef Andy Trousdale @ the Funky Food Club

This was the 2nd time I had a chance to join Chef Andy and Elin Trousdale at their Funky Food Club (FFC) event. Once a month, about 20 seasoned connoisseurs  join together and share a table, tell tales and enjoy a unique experience over wine and original creations of a passionate chef......

The (FFC) at Le Bistro Restaurant Chef Andy serves whatever his heart desires based on his inspiration at the local markets. At times it's served with a smile, but most  times the chef stands just out of the way of the tables while absorbing the reaction of his group's insatiable tongues attempting to describe the dish's ingredients.  It brings me back to the times of elementary school when all the kids raise their hands and shout out at the teachers to pick them to give the right answer, or answers, before being shhhhssssed to be quiet!

But it's all fun and games here. Great people, great food... I find myself counting down the days to the next one.....


The Menu:


Le Bistro - 10TH FUNKY FOOD MEET JANUARY 22, 2013

artisinal hand made ricotta “ burratina“
tomato, tangerine fig balsamic, mango preserve
Special Guest Vito Volpe, owner and founder of Mozzarita

duet of razor clams & periwinkles
garlic, ginger butter, whole wheat bread crumb gratin with garden oregano

lamb cupcake
layers of roasted lamb, vegetables & mint, mashed potato & aged cheddar cheese topping served in a coffee cup

authentic “ pancherri napoletani “ pasta
belgium chocolate couverture, candied green peas, chocolate confetti

Thanks to Chef Andy and to the Funky Food Club Special Guest Vito Volpe, owner and founder of Mozzarita....

Steady70 joins Chef Andy Trousdale @ the Funky Food Club

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