December 22, 2012



Direct from stints in Manhattan’s most acclaimed kitchens, Chef Deniz with her nine-month baby, Ayden, on her hip, displayed ‘Performance Art under duress’. An afternoon absorbed in art overload was more enticing with Deniz’s delicate mélange of succulent Maine lobster, Basmati rice, micro basil, cumin, pine nuts (Turkish not Chinese) fresh Rock Garden mint and sumac rolled into tubes of tender Khashman cabbage              

Gerdy RodriguezRestaurant Group’s chief consultant & restaurateur and his bella Senora presented the finish of Mexican Chocolate Flan Caramel, Cayenne-Cocoa Crumble, and Cinnamon Ice Cream. Carumba!
Allied Kitchens ™ supplied the only kitchen convenience  Allied brothers Bill  and Joe Feinberg accompanied by the  second generation Michael Feinberg rolled in a massive, one-ton marble table.  Their mobile custom island is replete with an imported slab of  Cesar stone quartz, top drawer Viking range grill and the rectangle island fashioned from 2nd growth zabrano wood imported directly from Gabon, Cameroon, and Congo. The finely hewed hulk was rolled onto the Red Dot’s unadorned wooded deck with ease.  

Without the benefit of running water, electrical lighting, or cutlery, the three presenting chef’s epicurean mastery was even more evident. Red Dot’s George Bill is could barely show restraint when it came to tasting and testing the dishes that were visibly smart and stunning.
The main nod to a thematic affinity was George’s, Wynwood Old World Cigar Lounge with Julio hand rolling fragrant tobacco leaves into redolent cigars on the spot.

Written by Cristiane Roget~ Vector International Pictures On December 19, 2012

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Miami Beach, Wynwood District-Florida The connection between the euphemistically named ‘ArtBasil’ ( and Art Basel/Art Miami may seem tenuous. Guests attending the three hallmark ArtBasil affaires unanimously agreed on  one cohesive point,  “that serious ‘art’ appreciation was made more palatable with Master Chefs sampling their made on-the-spot ‘gourmet bites’ prepared by internationally acclaimed chefs and paired with stellar spirits and libations!”.
Celebrating its 11th year December 5-9, 2012, Art Basel (and Art Miami)permeated South Florida once again with the intoxicating aroma of turpentine, rampant commercialism, horn blaring grid lock and galleries jammed like clown cars.  The unbridled success of ArtBasil was predicated on the immutable fact that no matter how sophisticated or primary the activity everyone still must ‘eat’.
ArtBasil’s creators and cultivators served up global artistic culture through a prism of  finley prepared food and hand crafted libations to share, awe, and inspire as a homage to the vision and perseverance of Art Basel-Art Miamis’ founders.

Written by Cristiane Roget~ Vector International Pictures On December 19, 2012

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December 6, 2012 – Art Basil Night 

Art Basil’s opening night unfolded at La Gloutennerie’s Vintage Kitchen, a two story, free standing eatery surrounded by a lush garden in the most southern point of South Beach. The posh dining destination is grounded in the tradition of a French boulangerie replete with retro blanc et noir photos gracing the walls, artisanal cheeses under glass counters, and a salumi bar reminiscent of a family style Trattoria in Roma’s Piazza Novana.

Chef Christian Testa and sous chef Aurelin feted the elegantly attired guests with their version of show-stopping  ‘cicchetti’ (tapa like plates served in Venetian bars). With ingredients that included a salmon mousse, a squeeze of Florida citrus, a dab of basil pesto, savory gazpacho, and buttery flakes of Parmigiano-Reggiano.  Spirits of the Tsars, the vodka world’s newest top drawer ‘reveal’ was served and is being called ‘perhaps the best liquor ever made’ by Vodka Buzz.   From yachtsmen Mark Owens and Chris Nolan, the Spirits of the Tsars is an infusion of rare pear, apple and Madagascar vanilla was served to adoring denizens of the night in crystal flutes fashioned in the Ukraine.  The exclusive gathering commemorated the launch of ArtBasil.orgwith Spirits of the Tsars hand crafted bottles  replete with more 24 carat gold than rapper Kanye West’s front teeth.
Future  Gatherings to be posted within days.  Visit us soon for the new confirmed Calendar.
Written by Cristiane Roget~ Vector International Pictures On December 19, 2012
Images Provide by Christina Strong Photography and Steady70

December 16, 2012

Thanks to the Chefs that made Art Basil Possible!

Artbasil the Culinary Journey was a success due to your creative talents in and out of the kitchen! 

Without you ArtBail would not have been anything more then an idea, ingredients and 3 empty locations! We can not thank you enough for your help and involvement....

Chef Andy Trousdale Le Bistro Restaurant Light House Point

 Chef Christian Testa La Gloutonnerie - Miami Beach

Chef Todd Webster The Front Porch Cafe

Chef Deniz Ismir Delights

Chef Gerdy Rodriguez  TRG restaurant consulting

Can't wait to our next events

The Pig and Patron at the Front Porch! What a night~ What a dinner~

All over the news, facebook, twitter and so many other news outlets: A man driving a convertible with a pig seat belted in his front seat was seen traveling on Florida highways and on South Beach..........
Really it was Executive Chef Todd Webster and the pig that was heading to his restaurant the Front Porch Cafe on Ocean Drive for the annual Pig and Patron night!
What was to be was a BBQ North Carolina style!
This is one of the best roasted~ toasted pig-outs that I've been able to indulge in.........a long long time.......

December 14, 2012

Le Bistro Restaurant Lighthouse Point~ The Funky Food Club No Limit Dining

Chef Andy Trousdale presenting the 9th The Funky Food Club No Limit Dining @Le Bistro Restaurant Lighthouse Point~
CREOLE SPICED LOIN OF PORK Stuffed with cream cheese & chillies, carmelized brussel sprout and sweet potato hash
La Nouveau Poutine. French fried green beans, beef kidney gravy ( crumbled goat cheese, parsley sour cream and a habanero sauce!
SHRIMP CAKE Asparagus salmon salad, with walnut and wheat germ tarter sauce
TOASTED ALMOND CANDY LASAGNE Raisins, chocolate chips, red liquorice and ice cream, tomato raspberry coulis,
The night was a hit and the dishes were funky coming together were fellow foodies, chefs, a writer and a photographer! What we received were tasty dishes that left you wanting more.......... The 10th Gathering of the Funky Food Club is set for Jan. 2013... Stay tuned for more......

December 12, 2012

Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 ~ The World is Yours~

Art Basel~ Is more Miami then the Miami Dolphins, it has more fans then the Florida Panthers, It pulls in more people then the Miami Food and Wine festival....
For 11 Years Art Basel has been the pulse of the art world it is the blood the runs and keep Miami alive, its pulse thrives and is like listening to the waves break on Miami Beach... From the furtherest corners of‹ the globe its language is art, its voice is paint, plaster and hung and framed on make shift walls.
Strolling around on opening night at Art Basel I was like a child I was a little boy walking around holding on to my camera like a a boy walking through times square holding on to his mothers arm.....
I was over run with colors I was over run with gold and diamonds, I was cornered by men and women opening up there arms and extending there hands.....
I am a artist, I am part of this movement I am here inside the pearly gates of Art Basel.......

December 2, 2012

The Culinary Journey has begun.... La Gloutonnerie's Chef Christian Testa & Le Bistro's Chef Andy Trousdale are just two of our top Chefs in

MEDIA ALERT December 1, 2012 : The Culinary Journey has begun.... La Gloutonnerie's Chef Christian Testa & Le Bistro's Chef Andy Trousdale are just two of our top Chefs appearing at is a press driven, by-invitation-only, hallmark gathering celebrating South Florida's Impact on the Culinary Arts , Premiere Beverages and Fashion. Join us December 6, 7 and 8 as celebrates the 11th year of Art Basel/Art Miami; decidedly the world's most jubilant and fresh gathering of Contemporary Art found anywhere on this planet. From small seeds mighty oaks (and palms) do grow. The two intertwined Art extravaganzas are an unrivaled testament to tenacity. is being produced in honoraria of the endurance and vision of Art Basel, Art Miami and its founders. Art has it's genesis at Rock Garden Herbs and is founded by, and Distinguished chefs, legendary cooks and masterful mixologists are exhibiting their culinary artistry to commence December 6 at La Gloutonerie's Vintage Kitchen where Italiano Christian Testa is bringing something magical to his staged butcher block courtesy of Allied Kitchens. At Red Dot the gastronomic venture continue's with Elin (and Andy) Trousdale. Survivors of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares their Le Bistro in Lighthouse Point is called the 'Ten Top French' by Zagat .
On December 8, the piece de resistance will be presented at the Porch on Ocean Drive (Z Hotel) by Le Cordon Bleu Todd Webster who likens himself to 'just a cook' who could not live without the colors , textures and flavours of home while his ideas are grounded in traditions that are changing the way we eat.
Each performance blends fine food with theatrics and pays homage to the diversified cuisine and libations that are integral to our global cross roads. One part entertainment and one part serious epicurean gastronomy, invited Guests will learn how to prepare show-stopping gourmet recipes paired with today's au courant signature cocktails comprised of the Spirits of the Tsars ™ a liquid gold aged three years in cognac casks, Aqualytes water for health tapped from glacial artesian springs and wines from Florid'a burgeoning wine culture.
Ingredients are being source from South Florida's most fastidious fine food purveyors. Y. Diassinos' Maine Lobster Live, Joe Selvaggios' PDF Foods, Milos Virgin Olive Oil complemented by Mak Khashman's Farm fresh Produce and exotic fruits and the essences of Rock Garden Herb's.
TO RSVP-Visit Hosted by, and, (Office-646-241-5982 Steve Levine/Steady 70 Photo (310-220-9118 VIP Mobile Cristiane Roget/ in appreciation of our underwriters Brown&, one sip to become a believer
More to come tomorrow.........!

November 25, 2012

Art Basil our intimate soiree Dec 6th 7th and 8th

Art Basil our intimate soiree Our Event Mission Culinary ART BASIL showcases the ‘Novo’ globalization in Cuisine, Culture and the Arts. Embracing the diversity of South Florida and the influence of the Americas, Caribbean, Native Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean are seamlessly integrated into our show and entertainment.
From small seeds do mighty oaks (and palm trees) grow. As Art Basel and Art Miami enter into a 2nd decade December 5-9, the two intertwined Art extravaganzas forge ahead as an unrivaled testament to tenacity. The 2nd has been created in honoraria of the 2 events endurance and the vision of the Art Basel founders Trudi Bruckner, Balz Hilt, and Ernst Beyeler.
Our chefs: Chef Gerdy Rodriguez, the acclaimed chef who took the South Florida culinary scene by storm and currently the man behind TRG restaurant consulting and management firm, is constantly looking to push the boundaries...
Andy Trousdale, Zagat Rated -Le Bistro Lighthouse Point, Fl. Surviving Veteran of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.
Executive Chef Todd Webster He was trained in classical French cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu in Miramar, Florida where he obtained an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts. While attending school, he worked fulltime at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in the Miami Design District.
We will be posting more details about our events and our sponsors, guests and more.......

November 20, 2012

The 1st Annual Culinary Art Basil 2012 Calendar of events!

Culinary Art Basil Calendar has been released! Culinary ART BASIL showcases the ‘Novo’ globalization in Cuisine, Culture and the Arts. Embracing the diversity of South Florida and the influence of the Americas, Caribbean, Native Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean are seamlessly integrated into our show and entertainment.
The Red Dot, Art Basel and Art Miami hosts an estimated 165,000 guests, 1000 exhibiting galleries, countless artists, collectors, curators, models, media, celebrities and v.i.p.’s, who make an annual pilgrimage to SoFla the first week in December. Celebrate with us the 11th annual ART MIAMI on December 8-9, 2012 in Miami Beach, the Design and Wynwood Districts.
Master Chef Demonstrations, Tastings, Pairings, Retro Couture Fashion, Informal Modeling and Global Entertainment will be integrated into the world’s most jubilant and fresh gathering of contemporary art found anywhere on this planet. All Chef Presentations and Mixology Demonstrations will include sampling of Gourmet Appetizers and Tastings of Signature Cocktails, Premium Wines, Rums, Spirits, Artesian Waters or Lagers.

November 18, 2012

~ A feast for your eyes~

Greetings and welcome to Art Basil ( Celebrates the 11th Annual Art Basel-A Stirring Celebration of the Culinary Arts
Join with Master & Celebrity Chefs and Mixologists to embrace the 'Novo' globalization and prevalent culinary influences originating in the Americas, Native Americas , the Caribbean (Puerto Rico and Mexico), Africa, Asia and the Mediterranean. One part entertainment and one part serious epicurean gastronomy; Guests will learn how to prepare show-stopping gourmet recipes paired with today's au courant signature cocktails comprised of Rum, Wine , Artesian Waters and Spirits. Hosted by Vector International Pictures, and
Stay tuned for the details............

November 14, 2012

A day on the water amongst Native American Chiefs~

An assignment for a day to capture for the first time a gathering of 13 Native American Indian Chiefs. Hosted by the Seminole Tribe Florida; with Chief Richard Bowers;
Other business associates included Adam Tappin; Kenneth Jamison; Lisa Maulson!

November 11, 2012

The 3rd annual Boca Raton Wine and Food Festival 2012

Well lets just say it is becoming a common event lots of foods, lots of spirits, Lots of friends bonding over 3 days of feasting...........
I was assigned to shoot everything, taste every sample of food that was served from over 2 hundred Chefs and restaurants. To wash these dishes down I was ask to sample wines, ( many of them) Rums ( too many to count) Beers ( only a few) and then there was the desserts....... Cookies, cakes, coconut brittle, and way too many snacks that I cant even begin to list.......
The mood from Friday night all day Saturday and ending today Sunday I cant even begin to tell you how full I still am..... I will list some of the restaurants below. Then there was the liquor companies, the wines companies and of course all the rest which are too many to list.... But I will throw a short list together for all you foodies........
Here is a partial list from the 3rd Annual Boca Raton Wine & Food Festival on November 9th, 10th and 11th, 2012~ Truluck's ~ Sorrisi at the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek~ NYY Steak at the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek~The Hungry Cuban~ The Whale Bar and Fish House~ Moran's Catering ~Biergarten ~Sheila G Brownie Brittle~ Oceans 234~ Mythos Greek Taverna ~Apron's Cooking School ~ Rocco's Tacos ~NaKava ~Bistro Ten Zero One ~Marriott Palm Beach~ JByrd's Muddy Waters~Bonefish Grill ~WrapOlé ~Delish Catering ~Fit Foodz Café ~Dapur Asian Tapas and Lounge ~Blue Martini ~The Office Restaurant ~Potions in Motion~Vic & Angelo's~ Grand Enocteca ~A Cup a Cake~,Red's Backwoods BBQ~Organo Gold~Abe and Louie's~ SoLita Italian Restaurant and Parlor Lounge ~Estia Greek Taverna and Bar~Fusionarie Japanese Asian Signature~Candy's Cake Pops~The English Tap and Beer Garden~Caruso Ristorante~Meyer's Latin Bistro~Gimmie a Kimmie~SALT 7~Lemongrass Asian Bistro,Lemongrass Asian Bistro,Super Dave's Diner ,Rebel House,Nature's Way Cafe ,El Tamarindo Cafe ,Olive Oil of The World,Pearsons Cakes~Bella Mondo Lasagna Deli,Hoffman's Chocolate~Latinos Restaurante~4th Generation Market~Irie Spice~Chef's Choice Caterers~Carrabba's Italian Grill ~The “Original” Wonder Griddle~Crepes by the Sea ~The Funky Biscuit~Chef Alan Bergman Catering ~Good 2 Go Bars~Yakitori Sake House~Sweet Salty and Salsa Sisters~Legal Sea Foods~Mario’s Catalina Restaurant~Eat The Truth~Ethos Greek Bistro~Organic Takeover~Ritas Pitas~Holy Smokes American Bistro~Island Fusion~Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Miami~Pero Family Farms~Florida Fresh Meat Company~El Tamarindo Cafe~Fuku~Max's Harvest just to name a few!
Next time now I need to sleep and prepare of Art Basil..........
But Before I go I must say Thank you to Russell at the Boca Raton Wine and Food Festival and his team of superstars that rolled out the red carpet and gave me anything and everything I needed.... Way to go guys...

My next project: This is going to be my first Miami ~ Culinary Art Basil Miami 2012 Event! ~

My next project: This is going to be my first Miami Event! ~ Producing the first of its kind: Culinary Art Basil Miami 2012
Welcome to! You are invited to participate in a media driven, by-invitation-only, hallmark gathering that celebrates the global influence in South Florida Culinary Arts and Fashion. stay tune for more information.....
Take a look at site! Let me know what you think.....

November 9, 2012

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Hollywood; FL; Seminole Hard Rock's Wine & Food Festival;

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Hollywood; FL; Seminole Hard Rock's Wine & Food Festival;
Working, while sampling every wine, dozens of vodkas, sucking down a plethora of water! Eating some of best finger foods the Floridian coast has seen. Local chefs and chef's from around the USA where hustling, running around still preparing meals for 15000 or more attendees that ponied up a $100 per ticket / per/ person to enter the pit of foods, to taste what was in the air, what could be smelled from 4 miles away to kick back and relax on a 75 degree cloudless blue sky, paradise in paradise a perfect day, a kind of day that Florida has 360 days a year...
Arriving only minutes before the gate had opened where over 2500 people were alreadu waiting to enter waiting for the gates to open. Waiting to eat, waiting drink, waiting to dance and have the chance to meet some of the stars of this show.........
The air was filled with the familiar smell of your common back yard BBQ, but this was different this was gourmet this was BBQ masters on steroids this was spiced islands this was southern style, this was latin american style this was Philly style this was a day that should have been extended for a week...:)
Drinking eating and meeting the talented chefs, the staff at the ; Seminole Hard Rock; Sunday; November 4th; 2012-
Chef Creole; Jason Gronlund: Executive Chef; Senior Director Of Culinary R&D; Seminole Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos in Tampa and Hollywood; Fla.; Executive Chef Chris Wong from NewPort Beachside hotel and resort; Celebrity Chef Steve Martorano
Other chefs and restaurants that knocked us dead were:
Kitchen 305; Brooklyn Italian Ice; Shula's Steak House; TATU; Mya Handmade Cigars; Allied Kitchen and Bath: Brooklyn Italian Ice Company; J.Lohr Vineyards and Wines:Estefan Enterprises Inc.: Amn Distributors:The Alexander Hotel Miami Beach; The Mad Platter Catering:Icelandic Glacial Water: Then there was NBC 6 reporter Roxanne Vargas; who held the reins and drove the crowd to want more, more wine more food more dancing more cigars more more and more..........
Because it was for a cause a great cause it was for both The Memorial Foundation and Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Foundation......

October 26, 2012

My first blog in 6 months and this is Crazy!

"The answer is NO. I don't work for opportunists, publishers, magazines, newspapers, charities corporations, or the infamous "start-ups" for no pay, bylines or "exposure". If you have no budget, don't knock on my door with promises barters, kick-backs, or better, paid work later - if only I can help you now. I am a professional and expect to be treated like one. In short, I DON'T WORK FOR FREE. If FREE matters more than GOOD, ask someone else…" NOW IT'S TIME TO CATCH UP AND POST UP ALL THE WORK FROM THE PAST 6 MONTHS...

March 5, 2012

From the docks of Miami to plates on the high seas...

Aboard the Oceania Cruise Line: Working with some of the most talented chefs / knives wielding (men and women)linguist !

It all begins at dawn on the docks of the Port of Miami! Hundreds of shipping containers get unloaded from ships, then load onto trucks and finally taken to a huge warehouse for inspection only to be unloaded and loaded to be trucked back to the docks to be loaded onto and into over sized refrigerators and freezers aboard the Oceania Cruise ship.

Who's waiting for the foods to be delivered and itemized is this team of amazing chefs that included Master Chef Eric Barale Culinary Director, Chef De Cuisine Jean Marc Tetu at Jacques, Executive Chef Christophe Belin, Chef Pastry Jose Da Costa Silva, Chef Sompong Sae Jew Chef De Cuisine at Red Ginger.

From all the work of all the persons involved here are some of the results:

Chefs thank you... Thank all of you aboard, on the dock, in the kitchens, in the restaurants thank you for making this shoot one of the best ever!

The Apolla Group Miami; The Apollo Group;; Oceania Cruises; Luxury Cruise Line;; Chef De Cuisine Jean Marc Tetu at Jacques; Chef Christophe Belin; Oceania Cruises; Executive Chef Christophe Belin Oceania Cruises; Chef Chef Jose Da Costa Silva Pastry; Chef Jose Da Costa Silva Pastry Chef; Oceania Cruises; Chef Sompong Sae Jew Chef De Cuisine at Red Ginger Oceania Cruises; Chef Jacques Pépin; Jacques; Red Ginger; Toscana; Maitres Cuisiniers de France; Master Chef Eric Barale Culinary Director; Chef Eric Barale; Culinary Director at Apollo Ship Chandlers; Gourmet Foods; Gourmet Desserts; Gourmet foods on Cruise Lines; Cruising; Caviar; Sushi