June 4, 2014

Street Foods of Thailand ~

Foods of Thailand from fresh street meat, live fish, vegetables, tangy fruit, insects,  that are all prepared for you.
Man I love this country~ the food I am almost getting used to the spice and the rich  flavors.  As a foodie I am in heaven,  I found time to pull, edit, retouch and write a little about what I have eaten, seen and…….

What I see is colors so vibrate,  I’ve tasted the freshest hand picked fruits and veggie’s, eaten freshly killed pork, chicken, duck and eaten it either raw or cooked~

What lingers in the air is peppers, fish sauce and BBQ and the sweet smell of wood burning. The heat rises off the grills and the temperature spikes just when you think it cant get hotter it does, it must be the Thai peppers or the green curry!

With that being said I am combing through thousands of images from all over Thailand: Bangkok, Chiang Nai , Chiang Rai, Koh Tao, Lumpang, Koh Samui, Mai Sai, Hau Hin,  Phi Phi  and everywhere else I’ve seen…

 So with that being said Bon app├ętit people….