September 29, 2011

We Love Colors....... We Love Miami...... We love Life!

Life without color is well just not the same, we need the vibrant colors to pop or stand out..... Here on Miami Beach there is always so much color...

Working with We Love Colors it is always a fun filled day. Never boring and never the same............

Steady70 photography & We Love Colors: Photoshoot South Beach; Pamela Wasabi Stylist;;;

September 27, 2011

Driving down a mountain and into the belly of the madness created by Young the Giant opening for INCUBUS!

Ahhh just how life works, well at least that is how life works for me.. From the preachers in the mountains to madness in Miami............

After all these years I still would not change a thing!

Steady 70 2011 Steve Levine photographer, Incubus, Bayfront Park, miami, Klipsch Amphitheatre ,UniMedia,, Brandon Boyd; singer; Mike Einziger; guitar; Ben Kenney; bass; Chris Kilmore; turntables; keyboards; Jose Pasillas