May 27, 2015

Awakened in the Philippines

What you share with others is entirely up to you or your energy which dictate’s fate without an understanding.    The process of what has happened in my life has taken on a new   meaning.  Somewhere between understanding life and not understanding life is where the Philippines left me questing my past, my future but more importantly it opened me up to the now.  The Present! What life delivered was / is beautiful and overwhelming at the same time 

Somewhere within that void of being overwhelmed in that space, that any questions or doubts that I have/ or had that everything is going to be fine in fact it is going to be great. It is that change that has allowed me to  find peace with in and express it outward.

This was a journey of  “CHANGE” Everything new changes you. With the Philippines every moment was always my first, The first morning in a strange bed, the first breath of Manila’s air, first time I noticed all the high-rise buildings, first time I crossed a road, first time I went to the grocery store, first time I went to the farmers market, first time I took a taxi, first time I said good morning in a Tagalog , first time I found  my way back to my apartment, first time I woke up to greet the sunrise, first time that I tasted a certain type of food, first time I ever rode on tricycle, first time I  swam in the ocean under the stars. The list of “firsts” never ended and I could keep going on all topics. Then there are were a few special people that I met, the few people the truly changed me, the few people that later became my old new friend, the select few people that became my extended family, those are the types of people that I can never understand how they just appeared or how I just appeared in front of them  ~

Some of these moments were caught with my camera some of these first’s or once chance crossing or transferring of energy to one another after a slight touch or tap on the arm or a hand shake or just a nod of the head or a lengthy conversation that exchange could never be caught with my camera.  Where no image, where no words, where every detail about that time is still etched in my thoughts. I can still feel the release of air as some of these conversations began to take root and touch my skin as the words enter my ears. I learned so much.   I have repeatedly used this term  “”more time”” many of you have heard me say this many times. Some of you have begun to use this term “More Time” it is powerful it is that term that makes each moment even more unique even more special it defines how important it is to truly open up and be in the moment. To absorb as much as you can and give back as much as you can. I believe that even more now after I was rocked in Thailand I was smacked in the face in Cambodia and now I have been given this amazing understanding of the present from The Philippine’s.  I say again it in English  “Thank you” in Tagalog “ Salamat “ in Thai “Khob- Kun-Ka “ in Cambodian ”Akun”  for gving me this time… and hopefully  “More Time”~