May 2, 2009

Acapulco Mexico… Nothing seems as it is, and whatever it is seems like nothing

Acapulco Mexico… Nothing seems as it is, and whatever it is seems like nothing

I am still here in Acapulco. It is May the 2nd and I don’t think I am leaving today. Wildfires, earthquakes, the pandemic together the long days and the hot sun make for 2 things.

The streets are tourist free and Mexican filled. With no care in the world, they march they go to the beach, they drive, they walk care free only thinking about today. Today I am posting some of what is going on here. In and out of town. In the smoke, in the sun, in the middle of everything the smiles, the faces of the people of Acapulco Mexico….. I wait for my exit out of here until then I will keep shooting and posting …

Pura Vida!

April 30, 2009

The Journey: April 30, 2009 and I am in Acapulco Mexico…..

Paradise with a twist of fate that has delivered me here for a job and while I have been here the news of the flu, an earthquake, all while being surrounded by deep blue waters while staying at one of my best friend's parent's house. I sit here writing this entry at 2 am under canopy of the stars and starring off into the mountains and over into the sea. I sit and I think about all that is going on not only in my backyard here now, in this country as well as my own. But tonight I am happy I am alive, I am here. The happy times, the night life, the day life: This is just one day-only 24 hours in Acapulco Mexico or 7 days I cant remember!

April 28, 2009

In 6 weeks: Miami, NYC, California and now Acapulco Mexico....

From an amazing journey through out California and then an assignment took me here to Acapulco Mexico, which is where I am now..... more images to come later from Mexico............... Pura Vida!