October 25, 2015

Steve Levine /Steady 70 Photography recently completed his first podcast interview for CBS's Travel Bite with Rachelle Lucas~

Steve Levine speaking with Rachelle Lucas of CBS Radio Travel Bite 

Listen in everyone, because Steady70's world renowned food and  
lifestyle photographer, Steve Levine, can be heard via podcast talking  
about his travels to exotic locations throughout the year and has  
quite a few fascinating travel stories to share.

Steve recently completed his first podcast interview for CBS' Travel  
Bite with popular food and travel blogger Rachelle Lucas. The Travel  
Bite Podcast is a weekly audio program for foodies who love to travel.  
During each show, Rachelle share stories of her and her guests'  
adventures around the world.

Steve regaled Rachelle with some of his great travel tales. From  
searching for sea urchins for that evening's meal, to foraging for  
wild ingredients in Costa Rica, to a questionable fish treat in Russia  
-- he's seen and tasted it all. Steve specializes in hospitality,  
travel & food photography and is available internationally for  

His clients include multinational companies, magazines, restaurants,  
international advertising agencies and international hotel groups. His  
work appears in ads in publications such as Hyatt Magazine, Where  
Magazine, Animal Fair magazine, The Art Book of Saint Barths,  
Destinations Travel Magazine, Experience St Martin, Skin Inc., Draft,  
to name a few.

Listen in as he shares a bit of what it's like to be a professional  
food and travel photographer, meeting the great chefs of today and  
turning their culinary creations into artistic, edible fare .

Episode 19: http://www1.play.it/audio/the-travel-bite-with-rachelle-lucas/

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Below are a few of the photos from the stories that Steve Shared with Rachelle Lucas!