July 21, 2014

Cambodia: Ankor Wat The ruins in rain~

The Clouds will Pass~ 

“From time to time, confusion will come. Clouds will come. When you are in confusion there won’t be light. When the cloud is there, there’s no sun; you don’t see the sun. You should at least know that beyond the clouds there is a sun. The cloud will pass. The sun will shine.
By Sri Swami Satchidananda

Siem Reap: the level of level of my comfort was unmatched by anything I have ever experienced prior to this pureness of energy that radiated from within, it rose from below, it welcomed me like no other.  On my scooter I felt that secure connection while traveling on streets with no names, on dirt roads that were littered with pot holes, where at any moment a person could pass you going the opposite way on a one way street in the wrong direction. I can accept that, I can respect that, I can and I did what I could do to avoid any broken bones or worse. I was in Cambodia what I learned in Thailand or one of the things I learned in Thailand was everything is “”Same Same but different.

"Ankor Wat" Cambodia  

"Ankor Wat" at sunrise and at first light right after the rain

Different it is different it was. Different I learned…….

Angkor Wat is just one small piece of the jig saw puzzle of what is Cambodia. Spending only three days in the bowels or chambers of this mythical city was clearly not enough time.  Angkor Wat is one giant piece of what once was life, and never will be again. Angkor Wat has left its massive foot print, filled with many questions for us kids to explore, it left us adults to walk about in wonder, it has silenced the scholars, it has pulled in masses of people from around globe and left others speechless and stationary in there tracks.  This is just one small piece of what I feel or what I felt while hiking, walking, riding, sitting and meditating.

Then there are the people (lots of them), the police ( helping you or trying to sell you there hats, badges and police issue belts), the monks (immersed in prayers always looking for a moment to sit with you), the artists of trade (hawking everything from coconut painted scenes to native attire) and the tourists ( OMG from 5am till 6 pm I did everything I could to avoid any white tourist, except the 3 I was with) ,the dogs and cats ( too many to rescue but I did my best to feed) the monkeys, the elephants, the giant red ants, flies and mosquitoes ( it is a jungle) being surrounded by being in the center, being connected here, walking barefoot It was just the most brilliant, amazing, fantastic eye opening experience I have ever walked into! 

So many more to follow..So many more stories to share.. So many more moments to come..

At the end of this road is there is only.......................