November 20, 2012

The 1st Annual Culinary Art Basil 2012 Calendar of events!

Culinary Art Basil Calendar has been released! Culinary ART BASIL showcases the ‘Novo’ globalization in Cuisine, Culture and the Arts. Embracing the diversity of South Florida and the influence of the Americas, Caribbean, Native Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean are seamlessly integrated into our show and entertainment.
The Red Dot, Art Basel and Art Miami hosts an estimated 165,000 guests, 1000 exhibiting galleries, countless artists, collectors, curators, models, media, celebrities and v.i.p.’s, who make an annual pilgrimage to SoFla the first week in December. Celebrate with us the 11th annual ART MIAMI on December 8-9, 2012 in Miami Beach, the Design and Wynwood Districts.
Master Chef Demonstrations, Tastings, Pairings, Retro Couture Fashion, Informal Modeling and Global Entertainment will be integrated into the world’s most jubilant and fresh gathering of contemporary art found anywhere on this planet. All Chef Presentations and Mixology Demonstrations will include sampling of Gourmet Appetizers and Tastings of Signature Cocktails, Premium Wines, Rums, Spirits, Artesian Waters or Lagers.

November 18, 2012

~ A feast for your eyes~

Greetings and welcome to Art Basil ( Celebrates the 11th Annual Art Basel-A Stirring Celebration of the Culinary Arts
Join with Master & Celebrity Chefs and Mixologists to embrace the 'Novo' globalization and prevalent culinary influences originating in the Americas, Native Americas , the Caribbean (Puerto Rico and Mexico), Africa, Asia and the Mediterranean. One part entertainment and one part serious epicurean gastronomy; Guests will learn how to prepare show-stopping gourmet recipes paired with today's au courant signature cocktails comprised of Rum, Wine , Artesian Waters and Spirits. Hosted by Vector International Pictures, and
Stay tuned for the details............