September 15, 2011

Bloomsburg, PA~ Floods Sept 2011

The peninsula was immersed in water the town was isolated like an island in the Caribbean. This story started on journey out west, the rains came down, the rivers and streams rose along the banks of the town of Nescopeck Pennsylvania ( Named of the Shawnee- Delaware Indian village that was located here back in 1755) The nuclear reactor raged on and bellowed clouds of smoke into the air.

I found myself on the Nescopeck bridge where rushing waters keep the pillars of this bridge moving under my feet cars and trucks crawled to a halt people slowly approached the bridge debris flowed under it, the current was whipping trees, gas drums and propane tanks as far as my eyes could see. I met Joseph and his son on the bridge a humble man who just lost his house his business everything; except his family and his pickup truck.

This was the start of a long 36 hours here in Pennsylvania. Stranded on this peninsula, the airport was under 6 feet of water, the water sewage plant had shut down hours before my arrival, and sewage flowed out with no mercy the gates were open and all major interstates like route 81, route 80, route 11, route 93, route 467, man I could not count all side roads or all roads leading to east to NYC and west to California, North and south highways and bi ways were shut down due to flood waters. Water flowed cascading down mountains like Dunn Falls in Jamaica. Here I was right in the middle of it. National guardsmen were out and about, search and rescue crew were on the waters on the land clearing houses clearing streets, Sirens blared, and people were walking aimlessly down main street with nothing, houses floated away trailers were swept away the towns people were in shock the new crews reporting this were reporting that the water rose to 30.5 and quickly peaked to 41 feet….. Swells flash floods and some chaos ensued.

With Search and rescue of from around PA helping out like the team from Greensboro PA there was almost no loss of life!

September 12, 2011

Love is everywhere.....................


Love is everywhere..................... It is written on walls, it is written in the sky, Love seen and these are images of love; signs of Love; Love from Moscow; Love from San Francisco; Love from Arizona; Love from Maine; Love from Virginia; Love from from St. Barts; Love from St Martin; Love from New York; Love from Miami; Love from Montana; Love from Aruba; Love from the world.....

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September 11, 2011

From eyes of Brook Peters! a must see for any New yOrker or any one!

From eyes of Brook Peters! a must see for any New yOrker or any one!

The Second Day!

On September 11, 2001, 4 year-old Brook Peters was attending his second day of kindergarten near the World Trade Center in New York City when two planes struck the Twin Towers.

The Second Day is Brook’s inspiring film on 9/11 and its aftermath through the eyes of young people and educators who experienced that tragic day.
When Brook set out to tell his story about 9/11, he didn’t realize he would be telling a story of inner strength and resilience. Through the experience of interviewing his classmates, and talking about The Second Day film with international press, Brook realized that his message of inner strength is...