November 9, 2009

Antigua was well worth the Wait!

Antigua! It has been a long time since I have posted…

Antigua........The Pristine beaches-three amazing resorts- 16 days of shooting seven days of editing and I still dream about walking on those beaches at sunrise feeling my feet touch the water-chilled sand. It is my foot prints that stretch along the shore line as far as my eyes or camera lens can see. It is here at dawn that on this day I get spoiled with seven rainbows and two that were double rainbows; where for an entire day two birds followed me in and out of villas and as doors opened and closed the birds entered and left; where even a sunset on a distant road became littered with a flock of donkeys. One of the donkeys seemed to have a bolt of sun light following his head as he moved to inspect me. Right between his ears this sun ray ran right along his ears onto the side of the road as I walked right up the sunbeam and it ran into the lens of my camera and in perfect site of Mr. Donkey.

The reason for this trip is simple… it is because of Elite Island Resorts that I had the pleasure of being on this project and in touch with nature.
With the help of my crew number one assistant Tabby, the girls- Colleen, Veronica, Erin my re-toucher Mary. Tipping my hat to the countless other teams at each of the resorts including The Galley Bay, The Verandah and the St. James’s Resort- the results were spectacular and mother nature held out and gave us one amazing test of willpower and excitement over the course of our assignment.