October 4, 2010

Mindless thoughts on a never ending journey of finding happiness!~ Maine

Late afternoon a few clams on the coast of Maine!

Three stages of day! Three moods of me!

Being lost is one thing finding yourself in paradise whether on one side or the other! It is true the grass is greener on the otherside!

If on a rainy fall day you happen to be lost on Deer Isle and come up to the pearly gates of Peter Beerits... If you are lucky enough to meet scout then you might be lucky enough to meet Peter....... I did both and then spent an hour getting lost in conversation!

October 3, 2010

Sharing! continued Sharing! This is REDS EATS in Maine:

Sharing! continued Sharing! This is REDS Eats in Maine:

I am still not sure how much food I ate or how many napkins I
used...lol but one thing is for sure I shared so much with the owner
...and the team at REDS Eats but even more with the
customers while eating and after I photographed each of the dishes.. ...I
felt like a king at a table and I could not count the people,
stories and laughs I shared..

Here are few of the Hits on the Menu:
The lobster roll & Haddock sandwich ... Fist sized onion rings and
fried zucchini that was like a foot long per piece.!

Taste a little here:

or here: http://destinationstravelmagazine.com/October2010/