April 19, 2011

Scottos Restaurant Long Island NY

Walking into Scotto's in Westbury I was taken away by the smell of fresh bread, I glanced to my right and Andre was tossing the dough in air. On the counter the rolling pin was rolling towards the shelf of ingredients.

The orange glow of the wood burning oven roared. I am in Scottos Restaurant in Westbury Long Island at 10 am and already there are a blur of men and women busily setting up all the tables in preparation of the opening. Working with me as my food stylist today is Chef Deniz and Chef Mario heads up his kitchen staff for the shoot.

I am looking around my eyes adjusting to the rich colors of the place. But I am here to shoot foods and sample the many items that Head Chef Mario Scala has prepared!

On the menu today we start with the cold antipasti, Mix Appetizer, Mussels, Baked Clams, calamari, Chicken wings, or a Tarty Salad. Main course to follow with Gnochi, NY Style Pizza , Meat pizza and Pollo Mario. Desserts were hard to choose from deciding on Chocolate Mousse, Cannoli's, Zeppole's with an espresso.

Scotto's Restaurant. Known for its high quality coal oven pizza and nostalgic wine bar (or as they call it – their "Enoteca", or wine library).

Scotto's Restaurant

BigBuzz Communications

Food Stylist &
Chef Deniz Kader

April 17, 2011

Live, Love, Laugh: remember that after you leave the Bragdon House and return to your daily life.

Big, Bright, Comfortable and welcoming is how I describe The Bragdon House Bed and Breakfast.

When I think of Beds or breakfast I now think of the Bradgon House on Seneca Lake in New York. Arriving at the Bradgon House I was received by Jennifer and her mother.

Each suite is lavish and no detail was spared, from ultra soft queen or king sized mattress's or the big bath tubs or fireplaces or the size of the sun soaked rooms I could keep going… but it all ends at the breakfast table…………

Fresh fruit, raspberry or strawberry crepes but The Scones! The Scones are the best scones I have ever EVER ever ate! The perfect color the perfect flavor the perfect taste.. If you find yourself on the wine trail or if you are looking to escape from your daily life! i have one suggestion that is only a few hours from NYC.! The Bradgon House Bed and Breakfast........................