September 29, 2011

We Love Colors....... We Love Miami...... We love Life!

Life without color is well just not the same, we need the vibrant colors to pop or stand out..... Here on Miami Beach there is always so much color...

Working with We Love Colors it is always a fun filled day. Never boring and never the same............

Steady70 photography & We Love Colors: Photoshoot South Beach; Pamela Wasabi Stylist;;;

September 27, 2011

Driving down a mountain and into the belly of the madness created by Young the Giant opening for INCUBUS!

Ahhh just how life works, well at least that is how life works for me.. From the preachers in the mountains to madness in Miami............

After all these years I still would not change a thing!

Steady 70 2011 Steve Levine photographer, Incubus, Bayfront Park, miami, Klipsch Amphitheatre ,UniMedia,, Brandon Boyd; singer; Mike Einziger; guitar; Ben Kenney; bass; Chris Kilmore; turntables; keyboards; Jose Pasillas

September 15, 2011

Bloomsburg, PA~ Floods Sept 2011

The peninsula was immersed in water the town was isolated like an island in the Caribbean. This story started on journey out west, the rains came down, the rivers and streams rose along the banks of the town of Nescopeck Pennsylvania ( Named of the Shawnee- Delaware Indian village that was located here back in 1755) The nuclear reactor raged on and bellowed clouds of smoke into the air.

I found myself on the Nescopeck bridge where rushing waters keep the pillars of this bridge moving under my feet cars and trucks crawled to a halt people slowly approached the bridge debris flowed under it, the current was whipping trees, gas drums and propane tanks as far as my eyes could see. I met Joseph and his son on the bridge a humble man who just lost his house his business everything; except his family and his pickup truck.

This was the start of a long 36 hours here in Pennsylvania. Stranded on this peninsula, the airport was under 6 feet of water, the water sewage plant had shut down hours before my arrival, and sewage flowed out with no mercy the gates were open and all major interstates like route 81, route 80, route 11, route 93, route 467, man I could not count all side roads or all roads leading to east to NYC and west to California, North and south highways and bi ways were shut down due to flood waters. Water flowed cascading down mountains like Dunn Falls in Jamaica. Here I was right in the middle of it. National guardsmen were out and about, search and rescue crew were on the waters on the land clearing houses clearing streets, Sirens blared, and people were walking aimlessly down main street with nothing, houses floated away trailers were swept away the towns people were in shock the new crews reporting this were reporting that the water rose to 30.5 and quickly peaked to 41 feet….. Swells flash floods and some chaos ensued.

With Search and rescue of from around PA helping out like the team from Greensboro PA there was almost no loss of life!

September 12, 2011

Love is everywhere.....................


Love is everywhere..................... It is written on walls, it is written in the sky, Love seen and these are images of love; signs of Love; Love from Moscow; Love from San Francisco; Love from Arizona; Love from Maine; Love from Virginia; Love from from St. Barts; Love from St Martin; Love from New York; Love from Miami; Love from Montana; Love from Aruba; Love from the world.....

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September 11, 2011

From eyes of Brook Peters! a must see for any New yOrker or any one!

From eyes of Brook Peters! a must see for any New yOrker or any one!

The Second Day!

On September 11, 2001, 4 year-old Brook Peters was attending his second day of kindergarten near the World Trade Center in New York City when two planes struck the Twin Towers.

The Second Day is Brook’s inspiring film on 9/11 and its aftermath through the eyes of young people and educators who experienced that tragic day.
When Brook set out to tell his story about 9/11, he didn’t realize he would be telling a story of inner strength and resilience. Through the experience of interviewing his classmates, and talking about The Second Day film with international press, Brook realized that his message of inner strength is...

September 3, 2011

Moscow: It felt so familiar..............

Throwing out everything that I have ever heard about Russia was the only way I could leave JFK. The process is all I needed to know. Everything you have heard everything about Russia(**except how expensive it is) is all wrong…….. I would or could have never imagined I would have fallen in love with this city, and could never imagine hearing these words come out of my mouth that I want to move there.

I was such a tourist......... Finding time to sit and watch other artist paint, sketch photograph the great lawns the swans and the tourist that mingled in the grass with locals reading or playing cards in Arkhangelskoe Park, Gorky Park ...

How can I explain how much I enjoyed myself!

I still hear my friends voices as I flip through images... I recount the laughs I had, the sharpness of music that cut through the air and danced well past sunrise on numerous nights. The joys of Moscow some of the best French, Georgian and Japanese foods that I ever ate, Together with friends and views from the top of the Ritz at O2 Lounge or Kalina Bar // Калина Бар, Krysha Mira, Propaganda and others venues having drinks to the sound of rush hour traffic the smell perfume mixing with the smells of the bakeries below…………

Жизнь является Большой / Life is Great..................

June 11, 2011

Either a good time or a good story! Why Not Both!

Either a good time or a good story! Why Not Both! When you are stress free happy and in the grove things appear to be slowed and each moment is special and rewarding in itself. The Vibe either in black and white or in color is all the same. Watching, absorbing, holding court at multiple tables with multiple friends. .

Life is sweet and the stories filling.

With outtakes and laughs, events and games. I will post more moments............

Pura Vida!

“Confidence, like art, never comes from having all the answers; it comes from being
open to all the questions.”

May 18, 2011

Bees~ birds~ Spring........ "Start Where You Are"

"Start Where You Are" says Buddhist Monk Pema Chodron!

This morning in the rain I was shooting an Amish bee farmer. Josh is well spoken very direct and very firm when I hear him say no pictures please..... After 20 minutes of us talking about life, about bees, about everything except politics lol. It was a go, I could shoot him working with the bees, working on the process of setting up the hives and introducing the queen bee to the worker bees.

One comment I recall him saying is the timing is right, we are starting at the beginning we are building new hives, that means new queens, a new start for the hives, for the worker bees.....and then he turned to me and said it is universal you are at your new beginning you need to find your queen!

The funny thing we were starting at the beginning! With a 8 new hives, 8 new queens, at the start of spring.....

The 3 first's this morning With a 8 new hives, 8 new queens, at the start of spring.....

... What a BREATH of fresh air...............

Over the past few years life as I knew it has changed!

Over the past few years life as I knew it has changed. Location and Situations HAVE changed for the better. With that being said.. I have decided not to remove or EDIT any of the post on this BLOG.

For the simple fact that I can not change the past. I can only learn from my mistakes, as most of you know I have made ummmm a few.

To all the new readers hello and for my old readers well you already know too much:)

Everything is as it is written!

So enjoy my past enjoy my present and enjoy my future...

May 13, 2011

Everyone needs a hand every NOW and then!

Hands that I have helped and Hands that have helped me......

The many times regardless of the location these are two of the most important words: Please and thank you por favor y gracias-Παρακαλώ και ευχαριστώ-e la ringrazia per favore- s'il vous plaît et merci-пожалуйста и спасибо-in so many languages;

My retort is always the same Anytime.... in qualunque momento-en cualquier momento-n'importe quand-.........

May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden is DEAD: The Tribeca film festival has just ended... Whats is left is the SECOND DAY!

Fellow New Yorkers-Fellow friends-Fellow readers....

Just one of the movies I've seen there was called the SECOND DAY!

The Second Day honored at City Hall - it has been a heavily featured news story on every major NY network for over a the past 10 days... Airing on ABC, NBC and on world news..... In print in various newspapers

It must been seen! This is how I felt after seeing it.. and what I told Brook and his mother Michelle......

Thank you! Thank you and Thank you! I just wanted to say let you know that I was blown away by the film.. I have and was not expecting it to blown me away! It did and then some! I loved the perspective I loved the stories, the voice overs.... but most of all it was from the children's view point! Brook did an amazing job! We all lost friends, friends of friends and family friends.. But we will never forget...............

WOW...... is all I have to say!

If you get the chance to watch it do so.. if you cant get to the theater then contact me and I can direct you to them directly...

April 28, 2011

After Eating & Drinking to much I found myself at the chapel…

Drinking and eating are a must! Going to the chapel is not for everyone but in this case I made an exception only because it was The Precious Moments wedding chapel in Carthage Missouri.

Just a few birds otherwise complete silence while walking down the path leading up to the chapel. In tight formation were a few dozen angel statues with trumpets that I could honestly hear the music from all 28 horns clearly in my head walking past each statue there horns bellowing with hymns in different pitches.

The path ended at 2 huge hand carved wood doors. The cool air passed over my body and warm as my hand took hold of the over-sized handle.

And I entered the next thing I remember is I found myself lying on my back dead center in the middle of the chapel on my back

What I was left with was… Beginning to begin a new beginning! At the beginning in NYC! Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself!