August 28, 2016

My love and passion for photography 2016

My love and passion for photography has taken me all around the world where I have been able to make my dream a reality. In another life I was feeling like a lion in a cage as I worked as a licensed real-estate broker in NYC. Although I was incredibly successful and in some ways living an amazing city life, I did not feel fulfilled nor inspired. With time I needed to explore this void and step into my true nature which is that of a creative being. I began my creative adventure as I transitioned into a career of advertising where I was able to tap into my talents which then soon after brought me to photography.

As I entered the world of photography, I was blessed to take many roads within the hospitality industry. These roads ended up being jobs around the world shooting top resorts, spas, and restaurants. In addition I have worked in the fashion industry, with tourism boards, record and book companies, along with various magazines and famous musicians. I have had gallery shows in several states which has enabled me to share my collected treasures of photos with people along the way.

I believe we have to find what makes us happy regardless of what it is and the circumstances. Do not allow anyone to get in the way of your path to finding bliss and maintaining a harmony within yourself. I feel lucky to have found my happiness in shooting the world around me and capturing life’s moments. At the same time I am creating life’s moments through the lens. I have been blessed with the gift to be able to view life a little bit differently than most people.

My eyes notice greatness in the little things that many overlook and don’t acknowledge. These are subjects that I have showcased on my website, on gallery walls and magazine covers. My images encompass small and large moments depicting the elements of life. I hope my work inspires others to look around and absorb the beauty that surrounds us every-day.