January 10, 2013

2013 So we begin a new year.... A new birth and a cleansing of yesterday

So we begin a new year.... A new birth and a cleansing of yesterday. I find myself
reflecting on the past year, my clients, my partners, my collaborators who have made
2012 a success. 

This past year I've kept myself in check and been driving myself harder to enhance
my craft, working with some of the most talented chefs in the business, PR companies
that get the messages out, art curators and producers of art festivals, magazines,
food shows, a few organic farmers, a speciality meats company and other food and
spirits related companies. 

2012 was my first time ever taking on the position of a producer (or Co- Producer)
of an event. I co-produced 3 top notch food-based events titled Art Basil. It was a
culinary journey with 7 top chefs, 3 top locations on 3 continuous nights in just
under 3 weeks. The object and the theme was the infusion of BASIL. Since  our events
coinsided with Art Basel, the largest event in Miami, everything had to be planned
and executed perfectly!

                                    Some of the companies that made that happen were:
Spirits of the Tsars, Mac Khashman, PDF Food,  Ines Naftali Florals and Events,
Allied Kitchens, Le Bistro, Maine Lobster Live, Grand Western, The Front Porch, Rock
Garden Herbs, Red Dot Art Fair, Spectrum Studios, the Restaurant Group, La
Gloutonnerie Restaurant and vintners J. Lohr, Papi, and YaYa. 

Co-producers representing Steady70.com, planetfashiontv.com, VIPictures.com! 

Today I found myself lost... lost in foods, lost in ideas, but could not finish what I have begun late last night. This post is just Part 1 of the year in images. I always return to the image bank of the previous year and lately I ve been posting a ton of pics on my facebook page 
(http://www.facebook.com/Steady70) titled Photo of the Day! Each day I randomly pick a folder and then randomly select an image that is stored on my hard drive ...... Which I think is kind of fun! 

I wish all of you, my friends and  followers, a New Year filled with peace, prosperity and success. 

Cheers to all of you!