April 13, 2013

"Unify, Simply and Amplify" ~ The vibe of life is the rhythm of life!

"Unify, Simply and Amplify"

A quote shared to by my assistant Louis Fisher, by way of his friend by Judy Herrmann! (Partner in Herrmann + Starke photography - www.HSstudio.com • recipient of the United Nations' IPC Leadership Award, past president of ASMP and Olympus Visionary)

It is what I kept hearing play in my head over the past 35 days... "Unify, Simply and Amplify"

Arriving in paradise where the vibe of life is the rhythm of life!  For 23 days in I worked in St Lucia, Antigua and Barbados. What I kept hearing countless times by locals, resort guest, resort employees and random individuals that I encountered. With the phase "you are so lucky you have a hard life". "Thank you", I would respond no life is great, you are here on holiday or vacation and I am here working... I am very fortunate to have met you.

What follow over the past 3 weeks was laughter, sincere candidness from all, whether sharing a view of a sunset at dinner at a restaurant's million dollar view or a chance meeting on flight state side!

Moments were created, moments were shared, moments were fueled by the people around us! Bring a few chairs to a table and you have everything! Fill it with people with accents from all around and you have a worldly bunch and wicked tales!  You always find your own no mater where you are ... you always find your own! Stories flowed as fast as the food and drinks (* faster then food and drinks –remember this is island time)  it is the start of some new great friendships! Thank you!  

Nights turned into days into weeks and everyone offered to change jobs, hand over the keys to the their home, their boat, their life off of the island and back home.

The vibe of life is the rhythm of life, a smile, a hand shake, an opened mind: it is that simple: it never ceases to amaze me about how inviting and eager people are to share, to speak, to learn.

Inspiration is everywhere~  All I would like to continue doing is "Unify, Simply and Amplify"