October 3, 2010

Sharing! continued Sharing! This is REDS EATS in Maine:

Sharing! continued Sharing! This is REDS Eats in Maine:

I am still not sure how much food I ate or how many napkins I
used...lol but one thing is for sure I shared so much with the owner
...and the team at REDS Eats but even more with the
customers while eating and after I photographed each of the dishes.. ...I
felt like a king at a table and I could not count the people,
stories and laughs I shared..

Here are few of the Hits on the Menu:
The lobster roll & Haddock sandwich ... Fist sized onion rings and
fried zucchini that was like a foot long per piece.!

Taste a little here:

or here: http://destinationstravelmagazine.com/October2010/

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