December 14, 2012

Le Bistro Restaurant Lighthouse Point~ The Funky Food Club No Limit Dining

Chef Andy Trousdale presenting the 9th The Funky Food Club No Limit Dining @Le Bistro Restaurant Lighthouse Point~
CREOLE SPICED LOIN OF PORK Stuffed with cream cheese & chillies, carmelized brussel sprout and sweet potato hash
La Nouveau Poutine. French fried green beans, beef kidney gravy ( crumbled goat cheese, parsley sour cream and a habanero sauce!
SHRIMP CAKE Asparagus salmon salad, with walnut and wheat germ tarter sauce
TOASTED ALMOND CANDY LASAGNE Raisins, chocolate chips, red liquorice and ice cream, tomato raspberry coulis,
The night was a hit and the dishes were funky coming together were fellow foodies, chefs, a writer and a photographer! What we received were tasty dishes that left you wanting more.......... The 10th Gathering of the Funky Food Club is set for Jan. 2013... Stay tuned for more......

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