April 8, 2008

in more recent times

Some tear sheets from assignments over the past few years here in Miami.

We've had the opportunity to shoot Serena Williams at her home for the cover of Animal Fair Magazine, shoot (and sample) some of the yummy goodies on the menu at Times Grill in Jacksonville, we've also shot some fun and lively models in colorful tights for a fashion and tights apparel company called We Love Colors, as well as shoot for a more sensual line called DTD Accents for our designer friend, Marjanne Kalf. There was also Fashion with Compassion, a beautiful indian designer label, the CEO of Brown Jordan International for Hearth and Home Magazine, YBF Skincare Line out of Orlando, and many many more... but this is a good taste to see what's been happening in more recent times...

...from small beginings on the road to where we are today and still growing.......

much more to come!

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