April 14, 2008

Under the Painted Line

When Steve and I first met he was working on a project called "Under the Painted Line" which was a body painting series that showcased each model painted as how she perceived herself to be, and to show the challenges they went through in society being multi racial, dealing with stereotypes, etc.. I thought it was an incredible concept and the images were amazing and a bit on the dark side. One model was a contortionist from Russia who worked in Coney Island. A beautiful girl who looks like Cameron Diaz (without the paint on). We heard she now gets knives thrown at her by her knife-throwing boyfriend in Coney Island for their act..

Steve was showing this series in galleries in NYC along with a couple different travel series. It was right after his last gallery show at Built that we decided to leave NY and head on the road for a bit... we continued this bodypainting series while on the road and it eventually morphed into something different from it's beginnings... it became color and involved couples rather than just individual models. The entire series is quite striking.. most of the time when you think of bodypainting you think of mardi-gras-type models in the street showcasing their tits, but this was more than that... as you can see.......

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