May 28, 2008

One Happy Island

Go See Do… on Island Time… Aruba is, as stated on each and every car or truck’s license plate, One Happy Island.

A fantastic voyage to Aruba:

This was my first trip on assignment without Iris and this will be my first solo entry on the blog… (As usual, she will be editing it down removing my profanity lol ). The lefty speaks, we are not going to plug any one specific company such as De Palm Tours nor are we going to provide their website, BUT I will say this… how can you go wrong with tour guides that can speak three languages or more… that make you laugh all day, and that can provide you with great stories as you are taken to such great site seeing places as the natural pool in either jeeps or on atvs, or to the old gold mine or california lighthouse… ok ok ok ...enough about it. LoL..

Go See Do….. on Island Time… Aruba is one HAPPY place !

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