May 9, 2008

Sunset Jamaica Grande & Sunset at the Palms

While on assignment working at Sunset Jamaica Grande in Ocho Rios & Sunset at the Palms in Negril we got to meet some pretty cool people. Barbara Lulich, the Marketing Director at the Sunset, was one amazing woman. She is a strong, statuesque, blond woman that has many stories of the experiences she's had over the years she's spent living and working in Jamaica, and is well respected by her peers. They are a team that is more like a close knit family at The Sunset. We worked closely with them throughout the 13 days we were there. The schedule was a bit grueling... we had full 18 hour days with 6 models and two locations. It wasn't one of our easier assignments, but it was definitely quite an experience. We enjoyed it.. Steve in particular.. it seemed to be more his speed.

Sunset at the Palms in Negril was my favorite.. it's so beautiful there.. the sunsets, the treehouse style villas we stayed in, and the lush tropical atmosphere... really a tranquil little oasis. If you're headed to the west coast of Jamaica.. it's highly recommended.

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