January 6, 2009

Steve in London

London December 2008

My first trip to London was totally unexpected. With the winter comes
harsh rains & bitter cold which I was completely unprepared for since I was coming
from Miami, where the coldest day is 62 degrees, and where flip flops and shorts are
norm. Before heading to London, I headed to NYC for 2 days of prepping and trying to
adjust to wearing heavy socks, shoes, and many layers of clothes.

I was not ready for London, but I had a ticket, and a place to stay
so I was on my way. The United Kingdom was never on my radar since I had dreamed of
traveling to Africa, Asia, Latin America... the list is endless of where I would
like to go, but 8 hours later I was there walking in circles through Gatwick Airport
at 6am in the morning trying to find my luggage.

London at 6:30am is dark: no sun and lots of rain.. I was thinking that if I was
back in Miami, or NYC the sun would be coming up, it would be bright with blue
skies, but again this is London in wintertime and I was going to find out that there
is only sunlight from between 8am – 4pm.

So, I'm here in the United Kingdom to shoot pictures of as many points of
interest as possible, including the museums, the Royal Palaces, the Royal
museums, the Royal hospitals, everything and anything beginning with Royal...
between the few meetings I had set up and the weather I was starting to wonder if
two weeks was enough time to fully explore what London has to offer? I think it's a
good start....

Below are a few images that capture my trip as best I could…

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