August 16, 2009

Cody Wyoming The Rodeo Capital of the World

Cody Stampede Rodeo and Cody Nite Rodeo! Saturday August 15th 2009

After meeting Dusty and Timber Tuckness through a friend or new acquaintance named Mary Lou Bunting who is the manager of Zapatas Mexican restaurant in Cody, we had no choice but to go to the Cody Stampede Rodeo & Cody Nite Rodeo although it was a few weeks after we met them.

I had just wrapped up my last assignment in Montana and Erin and I were heading home to Miami via New York City. A slight detour a few last minute adjustments and we were at the gate. Arriving at 7:30 just a half hour to fine our friends…. Running to the gate and hearing that both Dusty and Timber were off this past Saturday night we had spoken to the gate keepers who directed us to Maury the producer.

We explained that we were invited to come experience our first rodeo by way of Dusty and Timber… He replied come on in and enjoy yourselves we had full access to the event. The cold night air only heightened the mood and starting to enter the gate we made our way over the entrance: Where we found some of the rodeo clowns, doing what they do best: treating all the fans to that special entertainment that could not be matched at any circus it can only be found on the circuit of the professional rodeo here in Wyoming! We were allowed to capture images behind the scenes and up in the score box that overlooked the ring…

Meeting most of the rodeo stars, the host, the judges, the score keepers and the handlers of the bulls and the handlers of the bucking horses. Some of the faces are posted here, other who’s faces are obscured by the rain, the motion of the horses that were throwing them off and into the mud of the ring. This was one of the coolest nights on this journey……It was just another crazy night in Wyoming:::::

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