September 5, 2009

Back on Miami Beach with the crew of We Love Colors

Returning back to Miami to work with my friends at We Love Colors on a 2 day shoot I have been working with them for 4 years. These types of shoots are always so much fun that the time flies by and where structure is a loose term for everything except for the weather and of course permits. It is one of the coolest things about working with the team at WLC they make it very easy to work with.

We had the permits but we did not have Mother Nature’s approval as she brought in thunder clouds and hid the sun at sunrise and for almost for 2 days of the entire shoot. At any point through out the shoot the sound of crackling thunder would echo around us. On our last shot of day 1 on the beach hiding behind a lifeguard booth sand was swirling around tower the dark clouds moved in. I had maybe 3 minutes at best before… I clicked the shutter 5,4,3,2,1 snap snap snap and then it was that quick… it started to rain not a sprinkle not a few drop of rain but the heaviest of heavy poured on us The only thing I could do was grab for a bag, grab for a towel grab for anything aside from my shirt I could use to hide my camera.. A towel, my hat, a plastic bag, my reflector… first sheltering my camera in my hat then grabbing a towel, then finding a shopping bag full of once cold water bottles dumping them out, then finally after digging through a pile of clothes hidden from the rain sheltered from the sand finally my bag…. It poured on us in for 3 directions: straight down, in from the right, and across to the left….. And I ran as fast as a wounded horse over the wet sand through the rain and my now covered camera bag. I ran all the way to the nearest building which just so happened to be the public bathrooms, the funny thing was it was conditioned. After spending all day in 98 degrees heat I was now in the public bathroom where I am soaking wet and the A/C temperature must have been around 70 degrees … A week later my nose is still running and I have a head cold….

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