September 28, 2009

""For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People""

City boy turns to open road and finds the love of nature, wild animals, lighting storms, sunrises, sunsets and getting lost in Yellowstone National Park from sunrise to sunset.

Three days in and around Yellowstone National Park. Walking, driving, and running into and away from moose, bears, elk, bison and then jumping into the water just above the Upper Falls to cool down. But in the few hours that I was driving, walking or sitting I was able to digest what was in front, what was around and what is truly special about Yellowstone National Park. Here are a few of the experiences that I was able to capture while in Yellowstone National Park. Here images speak much louder than words and here images are nothing compared to being surrounded by mountains under the canopy of the clouds and warming up my body in the sun. I am merely nothing in comparison to this.

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