September 9, 2009

Part of the experience or traveling on assignment! Time to and from..

My many assignments have taken me:::::

While sightseeing and getting lost in America I have seen many things, thought very strongly one way and ended up believing in a totally different way after leaving. After traveling around the world and through out the USA I was taught many of life’s lessons and I am now a firm believer that we are doing something very wrong…

The wonders are not so new but friends in the sky:

Camera’s on almost ever street corner and cameras in almost every business. While these cameras are busy watching us, the corporations, the government, the senators in congress continue to pollute the waters, power plants continue to pollute the air and the senators are polluting the soil that we are planting our seeds in. In an attempt to bring some awareness to words like "organic", "pure" or "all-natural" I will ask you does a field worker in a field picking strawberries under a backdrop of a nuclear power plant sound "Pure, All-Natural or Organic" when 24 hours a day one, if not both towers are running and feeding clean chemicals into the air? Or, farmers growing organic veggies next to a water and sewage processing plant and shipping half dead or almost dead animals to slaughter? Most genetically altereded and processed seeds end up as either grain for dairy cows (yummy milk), or flavor-injected, colored beef (delicious), and lastly the fattier yet somehow healthier turkey's. The list is endless….

What is not endless is the pain of trying to pronounce the new forms of cancers, those new forms of "yet to be named" diseases that seem to hit someone we know. The "it" is a very rare form of cancer and after your so-called diagnosis you get a statistic of 1 in every blah blah.

What is important is that there is a new drug out on the market that treats, cures, or numbs every known or not yet known medical condition. The only problem is that you get 10 different conditions or ailments as a side effect of that medication.

So I am asking this question. If the government is watching us, who is Mother Nature watching? Are we going to only be left with photographs and painting of what once was...

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