October 8, 2009

Under painted line 2009‏~ New lines New Directions

"Under The Painted Line" was and still is my favorite of all the projects I have pursued. It started six years ago in New York City while I was working for another photographer at a commercial studio. The focus was how to deal with life, insecurities, emotions, moods, feelings and interpretations of those such feelings or issues. It started on the set of a very high-end fashion shoot. The models there were fighting amongst themselves and immediately revealed all of their strengths and insecurities which had quickly escalated and corrupted the shoot environment.

What started out as an argument between two models lead to the first part of one of the most precious continued bodies of work I embarked on.
During the duration of my entire photography career I still consider this shoot as one of the most trying times that I have had to deal with.
Life or death.. To have or to have not. A chain reaction of what could be, could have been, or might still be. Young girls and pregnancy: On this shoot I was able to capture, with the help of a make-up artist, a shoot that centers on the internal struggle of the decision making process inside of the body of the girl. To keep the child or not to... That battle rages inside the many girls I have interviewed at a Planned Parenthood Center here in South Florida.

Despite each person's situation and decision I came away with knowing that something has to change.......................

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