December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays and best wishes for the New Year

As this year comes to a close I cant help but count the ways I have been
fortunate enough or thankful enough for what has transpired over the
course of 2009...

With the my brothers wedding, my new life, my amazing girlfriend, my best
friends, my new friends, my clients, my dog, my family and all of the
personal and professional opportunities that have come my way by hard
work, by fate and by listening to my inner voice and the other voices that
lead me to where I am and where I was..

I have found my piece of mind, I am and have cherished this exploration of
reality... Their is not one state, one image or one moment that I can
point my finger at and say it is because of you and that it is
because of you, it is because of them.. It is all because of you. Life.

It is life that I have ran from it is life that I run to.. it is here that
I am able to let it all hang out... From all the wild animals that have
crossed my path or directed me to another path, it is some of the
visionaries that have spoken to me, it is some of the guides that have
instructed me, it is my past it is my present it is my destiny to say I am
seeing I am listening I am aware of what had been missing for my many
years on this journey.. It is now at the end of one year and the beginning
of a new year. That I sit here and think about it all

Over the course of 2009: In this blog:

I have shown you my world I have opened up my doors and let you absorb my
life...While with me we have felt the breezes on top of mountains, we have
been lost under a canopy of the stars in the middle of the desert, we have
seen the bright lights from above, we have shared meals, we have enjoyed
the quiet times walking in the rain or spotting double rainbows

For now I know you as you know me.. It is going to be the best year
ever... It is going to be a lot more work a lot more stories, it is going to over flow with details and our new experiences...It is OUR year to shine to prosper it is this new year in 2010 that will begin with a bang and continue until........... Until the next post's..

Wishing you all a Happy and healthy New Year!

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MotherWarrior said...

Steve: You are such a talented photographer. I love looking at your images. Put words with them and you have an article, a book, a memory to share with others in additional formats. Safe travels. Judy Kirkwood