March 3, 2010

A few free monks and a caged tiger mixed with a Chinese acting group running all over....

I bumped into a few Chinese actors I got lost in conversations with a monk and found myself between a caged tiger and an animal rescue activist all this before lunch..
Just another day in Miami... The Asian Festival....

I have had many conversations with friends and random people through out my
travels about life about animals and how all animals react or interact with me. Here is
another occasion when I was alone on assignment and able to meet, to touch and then
allowed to photograph a tiger. Normally this tiger Rex is not friendly to
any Males, this changes when I happened to find myself with in inches of his
cage. Pacing back and forth in the cage. I was watching him inches from the front of the
cage. When I went to get closer and approach the cage I was told to say away from it because he is
restless and agitated. As I began to look back at the Rex the tiger he
apparently was sniffing at me nose up in the air he is capturing my scent.
The next thing I see is this 700 pound tiger roll over on his back and
extend one of his paws in my direction, I turn back to the trainer and I
said I love his aggression I must be part cat. well I did get a chance to
extend my hand and with a few fingers I was able to touch his paws and then
his pad while watching his claws extend and contract with my touch.

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