March 30, 2010

Mind Fuel School~Miami~English is our first language

English is our first language but not here in Miami… That much I do know everywhere else in the world everyone speaks English. Here in Miami you have to learn Spanish to communicate… Spanish here is the first language and I have been debating on taking classes, as fate would have it I was contacted by Peggy the head of Mind Fuel School to capture images for her new website. Over the years Peggy has worked with politicians, celebrities, and foreign dignitaries and now me. I can tell you teaching this old dog anything new is almost as impossible as me spelling supercalafragilios correctly…because I still have trouble with my R’s…..

But with Peggy’s personal attention she focus’s on small groups of professionals and students that are here for work, school or person's looking to expand there knowledge…Here at Mind Fuel School the students are serious, and in my class I have a Doctor from Romania, a model from Turkey, a music producer from Ireland, a street fashion designer and me a partridge in a pear tree… All of us are attempting to learn Spanish. As a group in class we all have our problems we all laugh as we pronounce sentences and after class we struggle to not to speak English but Spanish… .

Continuing with the clearing of my images from my laptop as well as images from all my externals hard drives the stories keep writing themselves. Over the next few weeks, months or by years end all of my past will be blogged...........................

The ride continues to continue..........................

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