April 30, 2010

Harmony in Costa Rica~

Costa Rica is on my mind: Costa Rica in my veins: Costa Rica is my escape: ~ One country that deserves more The beauty of the Costa Rican people is un matched, the rolling hills that cascade ending where the oceans begin is limitless. There is just so much hidden there is some much exposed but taking it all in is something else. Anticipating my return comforts me while I sleep, when I awake I smile and think I hear the howling monkeys or all the little birds.
Ahhhhhhh blue skies, the sound on the waves crashing on the shore line, the rise of the sun the heat of the day. It is a new day: it is a new way…

Greens-Blues, birds and humans living as one.

Costa Rica I return. Nature-Nurture~ Living Pura Vida!

Harmony in Costa Rica

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