June 18, 2010

A few days of discovering Charleston~ On Assignment

A few days of discovering Charleston~On Assignment~ One of the best kept secrets is a hidden gem here on the East Coast called Charleston. Here the Southern ways are still thriving. The best gardens, true gourmet southern cooking, art from the masters and cobble stone streets and a revised 100 year old bridge call out you to from every angle to explore. Back roads, high ways, dirt roads all bring you into the center of Charleston. The people welcome you in the same manner... With big smiles and a cheerful hello!

I fell in love with this city, I found color, I got lost on old streets, I lost my way on plantations and found a guy named Jim who owned a brewery and lead me to his favorite restaurant and Yankee chef from NY. All in 4 days time.

Giving you spring colors in summer.....

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