September 15, 2010

Being in Love.........Still on my mind as I plan my next adventures!

A week after my return from Love VA:

There was more LOVE in VA then I have ever experienced. The comical thing is or was I was alone on this assignment. No G/f, no assistant, no help and oh yeah thanks to ATT no phone service, internet was non existent. It was paradise for me and hell for my editor Darlene, With no way of contact no images equals no feature story..

I found my place - I found my happiness- I listened to the voice of mother nature- I was soothed in the waters of lake Sherando- I was swept away by the winds on spy rock-

I soared with the hawks and ran with the deer- I tasted the sweetness of wild flowers and got engrossed with the mating ritual of the butterflies....

It was the first time in ages I journeyed and found the most perfect wishing spot and said my peace and left my mark...... I share some of the LOVE with you........

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