September 28, 2010

'Ground Zero' & The Sept 11th Photo Project by Brook Peters

The Sept 11th Photo Project... 10 years later..

I was contacted by Brook and his mother to contribute images for his film project.

Brook is a 13 year old boy and is about to finish his project- Documenting the schools that were shut down during 911 attacks in Manhattan. Brook who was at school during the attacks. Is busy working on finishing the film for the Tribeca Film Festival. He has been contacted by the NY Daily news and here is the article about him and his film...

Brook Peters, boy who grew up with 9/11 makes a film about 'Ground Zero'
students and teachers

All I could do is say yes....... and send him many images for him to choose to use........

Kudos to Michael Feldschuh from the 911 Photo Project who has been very supportive..........

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