April 5, 2013

I am not just a photographer, I am your 24 hour-a-day/365 days-a-week billboard!

I am not just a photographer,  I am your 24 hour-a-day/365 days-a-week billboard. I am raw data, I am your marketing partner, I am your advertisement to the millions that view our images on your website, your blog, your Twitter page, your LinkedIn, your Facebook page...everyday, every week, every year.

I sell and resell you and your restaurant, your resort, your magazine, your cruise line, your food products, your persona... It is because of all my hard work and passion that goes into creating the perfect image, the perfect destination, the perfect mood, the perfect dish, to create the perfect advertisement. I'm the one who you hire to create the images that captures that thought, that dream, that experience, that moment - that made you stop, see, think, taste and hold!

It was that memory, that thought which brought you from here to there. It's what made you book those reservations, it's why you are where you are or where you will be traveling to...

On a beach in the Caribbean, walking down a cobblestone street in London on a chilly day, dining at your favorite establishment overlooking the most magical sunset you have ever seen. It's that special spot that you found off the beaten path on some random road. It's why you are mixing with locals in a remote village in Latin American. You just started to dream - to think where you had your best piece of steak or the fattiest tuna or the best caviar.... perhaps it started with a recommendation, or a review, but it all comes back to an image.

As a photographer, my job is to create one thing: a cover image! An image that stands out, an image that says "wow", an image that resonates internally, an image that causes you in conversation to recall or describe, an image that makes you say "Yes, I WANT THIS!" That is a job of a photographer, that is My job. 

I am your voice to the masses. I come long before the PR and Advertising companies. I am the start of your new beginning. I am as important as the ingredients that you look for. I am someone that works only for one purpose: I am hired to fill seats, to be used like a stamp - sent all over the world to capture that perfect image for one purpose: to create sales. I am not just a photographer, I am your 24 hour-a-day/365 days-a-week billboard. I am your advertisement! 

We make people Go-See-Do.~

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