December 30, 2015

Goodbye 2015 ~ Wondering , no strike that manifesting in 2016

To you my friends I wish you all the best~ 

Smiles and hugs wishing and celebrating the new year with all of you..  Peace, Joy and Good Times.. 


“”Wonder is the source of wisdom, wonder is the source of all life that is beautiful , and wonder is the source for the search, the real search. Wonder takes you on the adventure to the mysteries’ of life”” Osho…

A year of IPhone images well some :) ...  Already starting fresh, clean, open, ready to learn, ready to explore ready to share... ready for what comes next~ 

Everything is energy . This was a year of life and death!  This was a year that change happened this was a year that I grew into who I am now. This was a year that I found passion, found self , found friendship , found lost souls or reconnected with old with new …this is the Life that found me, “”my future””…  2015 has been smiles and rainbows its been birds and the bees its been bonfires and drum circles its been exactly the way I should be…  Its been shades of light it has been eating healthy it has been about not drinking it has been about breathing through..
This was year of pain, this was the year I found “chi”  My chi, this was a year where I learned to share my chi, to shed old habits, this was a year for love, for future for knowledge this was the year of wonder…. Yoga, Meditation, energy work, acupuncture this is just the start. Yoga Teacher training, and Shamanic teaching in Mexico and Guatemala.

This is the year I will begin the next phase of my path. Through yoga through self love through the teaching of others through the learning of others. What I learned this year on my path is simple….. Mind body and soul must be in harmony with nature. Nature is about energy  “CHI”  absorbing, shifting, connecting, grounding. Recharging  and MOST  important it is about giving back and sharing it all…

Part of my life through the lens of my IPHONE.....


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REBECCA jones said...

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