March 19, 2010

A night in Santa Rosa New Mexico

Every now and then I end up meeting or staying with friends after the job has ended or during. This time I was in New Mexico I was wrapping up a job on tourism in Santa Fe and was heading back to Albuquerque when I received a call from a friend asking me where I was said somewhere between Santa Fe & Albuquerque he asked do I have plans.. huh I ask him as it so happens he was going to a friends ranch in out Santa Rosa for a country BBQ …it was only about an hour away… Sure I said ..I pulled over to write the directions and learned I had to do a U-turn... The Blue skies a few powder clouds above so stopping my car in the middle of the road I see a cool sigh so I shoot it as I am returning to the car I get caught up on the yellow line.. Did I tell you I stopped in the middle of the road…. And I forgot as well lol …. I was squatter right in the middle of the road when a car almost hit me while I was crouching down to get this shot lol…The Ranch… Steaks, BBQ, a few sink holes, a stream and some lakes were surrounded by mountains…. Good friends, big fire pit and one of the best steaks I have ever had…..

Thanks for the meal, cold beers and the bug repellant

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