March 18, 2010

Faces and foods of the Mandarin Oriental Miami

As I am clearing out over 200 gigs of images from my Dell and moving them to my Mac.. I am beginning to see how I got to where I am.. It all goes back to gourmet foods and the people that had provided me with opportunities to set up, shoot and sample the dishes.. I am getting hungry, I am hearing there voices as I recall the details of this shoot! The team at the Mandarin were ready for me and my team, everything was set and after the initial introductions we began the tasks of plating the foods from Chef Tony...

I can tell you that each of the members of the Mandarin Oriental take there positions very serious but the one thing I recall is how pleasant and friendly or helpful they all were. Shooting only for about 4 hours we managed to capture some fantastic portraits and delicious foods.

More images to come! Bon Appetite!

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