April 15, 2011

Gateway Packaging plant~ We own our Actions!

Being from the city that never sleeps and arriving in Kansas City Missouri to shoot Gateway packaging plant... St Louis and Kansas City 3 shifts 24 hours a day 7 days a week! These company plants never stops..........Never Stops!
It purpose is to manufacture, print and produce flexible packaging solutions. And they do that they do a lot of that! They are one of the largest companies in the industry.

Working with Jill Maynard who is Gateway Packaging Company’s Marketing Coordinator. Jill got me in, Jill got me access to the pulse of the machines and the machine keepers that control and maintain the MACHINES! She got me ladders a super cool hydrologic lift and an operator that took me up and down the and around the plants. She walk and walk and then just let me.........

What I found was here some of the hardest workers, some of the strongest souls with hardest handshakes I ever felt.

Here it is! The human faces, the human arms the human hands to keep these machines going full throttle. What I captured was these souls connecting with these machines, listening to them feeling them, it was amazing to see it all come together in speeds that make you dizzy!

Each of the men and women that I met gave me there hand, each of them gave me a smile and at the end of the second day gave me another reason to be happy.

(And yes hair nets and glasses were required)

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