May 31, 2013

Island hopping and landing first on the island of Saint Lucia!

 St Lucia is the perfect destination~

When I first heard I was going to be headed to St. Lucia all I could do was smile! My excitement grew to where I was ready to do a back flip! St Lucia is the perfect backdrop for any adventurer: from mountains to climb, natural waterfalls,  breath-taking views,  forests to explore, underwater exploring and most important is the people of St Lucia. The people, the welcoming reception I received was awesome, the dancing, the food, the spirits, the vibe this island had it all...... There is St. Lucia and there are other islands.... With that being said I will let the images speak for themselves...

To friendships that I've made, to my new mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and elders who made this trip truly a one of a kind experience. You opened your hands, you shared your story with me, you gave me the opportunity to get inside your head and see life through your eyes.... For that I will be forever grateful......... Names are irrelevant! but your firm hand shake or your soft voice or your glowing eyes will forever be etched into my heart.  

Then came the foods, the spas, the views and so much more! More time is what I kept hearing in my head More time is what I kept repeating, more time is what I was told to me many times. Island life is island life~ Island life is what follows..... 

More to come, more islands more Island Life........

                           ALL NEW IMAGES FROM ST LUCIA~ Antigua~ Barbados~Moscow

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